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Thor 2017 Conquer Goggles Thor 2017 Conquer Goggles Faytal - Seattle, WA, USA Great goggles "My first pair! They fit great and don't fog up. Can't beat the price. Thanks!"
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Fox Racing 2016 Air Defence Goggles - Closeout Fox Racing 2016 Air Defence Goggles - Closeout Yomomma - Utah Awesome Google "These air defence Google's are awesome I love the lens and really love the air slots that let the air through while riding. I was kinda​ worried about to much air coming through to your eyes since I suffer from dry eyes but it is the perfect amount and blows through in just the right spot. I also love the lenses,I got the blue spark lens and was expecting it to be a blue tint which I was hoping for because that is my preferred lens choice but they are not tinted blue at all when looking through them. They have a light grey tint to them which I was worried about in the shade but they seem to highlight everything just right. And the optically​ correct lens is just simply perfect I don't think I could ever go back to a standard flat lens again. My only complaint is they do fit a little tight on your face because there is not enough slack on the strap to make it loose enough. I don't have a big head and only have a size large helmet. So maybe others with larger helmets might want to factor this in before purchasing. Overall I would give it five stars if it had more strap to make it bigger so I will give it 4 stars only for that reason."
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