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MotoSport MX Socks MotoSport MX Socks KRUSHER - Oregon, USA No reason to ever buy a different sock again "These socks are seriously great. I'm 6'1 and wear a size 12 boot and these socks go all the way up past my boot top. I ride trails in the Pacific north west, pretty rugged gnarly terrain and I can ride a full day without them falling down. I've also used these for full day dune riding in roughly 100 degree weather and they are real comfortable. They breath great, they really do wick away your sweat and keep your feet nice and dry. My big problem is my shin and calf sweating, but not with these. Plus they look pretty sweet to. I can't really say on the durability side, however I have roughly 10 hours of riding with these socks and they show zero wear. Highly recommend"
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Thor 2015 MX Socks Thor 2015 MX Socks SuzukRm - Howard city Michigan Great for the price "Haven't tried them on yet with my boots but they are nice they are long I'm 5.7 and they go to the top of my knee"
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