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Acerbis Gas Cap Acerbis Gas Cap gfellows - Reno, NV, USA Replacement Gas cap "I bought this to replace the existing cap on my 3.1 gallon tank on my WR450F, I am unaware of the tank brand, but this Cap fits it well and keeps gas from spilling out, even when tipped over. Works just as designed, would recommend this product."
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Moose Vent Cap Moose Vent Cap MxRydr - Indiana Simple upgrade. "I have oversized bars with no cross bar. The OEM vent tube would go into the stem as most do. With the oversized bars, it was annoying to have the original vent tube routed into the stem. I opted to get this to make venting easier. It was tricky to install as the tube to cap was a tight fit. Be prepaired to heat it up on the end as it makes installing easier. Simple add on to make for a trick look."
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