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Fastway Evolution III Footpegs Fastway Evolution III Footpegs CMGMoto - NJ OVER 6ft TALL RIDERS NEED THESE!! "Let me start by saying I NEVER write reviews, this may be my second review ever. I am extremely happy with these pegs in the lowered position on my Yz450f! What an amazing difference from stock pegs. At 6'4" and size 14 boots I rarely could get comfortable riding. The day I put these pegs on my skills and confidence improved dramatically! Platform is wider I never ever lose footing while riding. After only 3 rides with these pegs I was hitting jumps three times the size I was used to. Extremely happy with these and I will continue to recommend them as a "necessity" to anyone over 6 ft tall and even a huge confidence boosting upgrade for the average height rider in the stock position due to so much added traction."
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Works Connection Superlite Footpegs Works Connection Superlite Footpegs jp96761 - Hawaii Poor rock "Good product,light, very durable and a more practical choice than the aluminum bling type pegs.I bashed a rock and thought I was going to have a dent, but there was just rock dust,had to take a picture! We ride enduro trails so there is going to be alot more rocks .As far as the fit my left peg did angle back a little (as did the OEM peg) ,but with an side grinder and 5 min. you can file the peg or the frame where the peg contacts.I think these Work Connection will out last every other pegs."
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