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Wiseco Clutch Pack Kit Wiseco Clutch Pack Kit James - Kansas, USA Very easy clutch to install "I installed in my 2005 Suzuki DRZ400sm, very easy to change in this model, lay bike on its side, remove brake pedal, remove clutch cover, had a separate cover for clutch not the whole side cover, remove screws and springs, clutch pressure plate and R&R clutch plates, one problem I had was 5 of the new steel plates had the wrong splines so I reused the best old steel plates, went back together fine and works much better more of a crisp engagement. still gripes me about not getting to use all the new steel plates though, also order a new gasket for your cover while your at it."
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Works Connection Engine Timing Plugs Works Connection Engine Timing Plugs Cory - 2016 yz450f "Makes the bike look cleaner. Machining is spot on threads and fit are nice."
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