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Dragon MDX Sand Goggles Dragon MDX Sand Goggles MotoMom - Washington 4 out of 5 stars Dark Lenses - But they aren't when on! "We were really worried that the lenses would be too dark when riding. They really are not dark at all when looking through them. You can't see the person's eyes when they have them on though. We are very pleased with the Dragon Scratch."
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Dragon NFX Goggles Dragon NFX Goggles zemiller - 5 out of 5 stars Great goggles!! "Excellent goggles! They have a great field on view, I can't hardly see the frame. The fit is great, the lenses are quality. My favorite part is how easy the lenses are to change without struggling or getting finger prints all over the new lens!! I'll be buying a second set for sure!"
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