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Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit - Stealth Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit - Stealth Dewey - Kansas Great computer plus more "This device has all the base functions of the a computer you need for your on Road experience plus many extras such as coolant temp monitoring tachometer GPS speedometer voltmeter and Route mapping. The reason I got this unit versus the other ones was its GPS capability. In the event that I lose the typical spedometer based upon a magnet on your front rotor, I have the GPS as a backup. I've only used this for a short time but already I can tell it's going to do everything that I wanted to do."
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GYTR Competition ECU Kit GYTR Competition ECU Kit Linkavitch - Murray, UT, USA Definitely Worth the Money "Pretty easy to install (especially the ECU) the only thing that the directions don't tell you is that you will need a T-25 security torx bit, not a regular torx bit as implied in the directions. Installation was aided by removing the header to access the stock throttle screw as this provided more room to work. Throttle range was greatly increased, and it will be great to start playing around with various programs to see how performance improves. My 2015 WR450F now starts up easier as well which is an added plus."
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