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Maxima SC1 Silicone Detailer Maxima SC1 Silicone Detailer TX248 - League City, TX Bikes look great and are easier to clean "Most of my friends ask if I've ever laid my bikes down and while they don't look it the answer is of course yes. When I get done washing the plastics have a little dullness to them as our bikes go out 1-2 times/week and get ridden hard at the track. SC1 brings the luster back and not only makes it harder for mud and dirt to cling to the plastic but also seems to give it an extra slickness that helps to reduce major scuffing when they hit the ground. Always have the can I'm using and an extra on the shelf. Keep them looking new and they last way longer because you'll still care about maintaining everything else..."
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Engine Ice Coolant Engine Ice Coolant TX248 - League City, TX Keeps my motor cool in the Texas Heat! "Stuff works great, as a family we have 4 motocross bikes that run hard in the Texas summer heat. The only time I get any heat issues at all is when our 4 strokes sit and idle for too long but previously when I ran regular anti-freeze my 450 got so hot it melted part of the plastic radiator screen. When I put the Engine Ice in the problem went away."
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