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Motul Offroad Chain Lube Motul Offroad Chain Lube Mac57 - Santa Fe, NM, USA MOTUL CORNERS MARKET NEXT GEN CHAIN LUBE "You cannot compare this product to any other, because Motul hit the motherload when they invented it. Other products that have a good amount of paraffin makes for a mess mainly because it will ball up and collect on the floor after a chain cleaning. Every time I would try to sweep, wipe or mop it up it would normally mash into the floor and wax does...adding another step to the cleaning process. The way Motul sprays out is amazing to me, and how it creates clean chain lubrication without creating extra work for me is awesome. Thank you for a great product Motul!"
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Maxima Chain Guard Chain Lube Maxima Chain Guard Chain Lube Cstrickle - Very good product "Best chain lube I have used so far"
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