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Speed & Strength Run With The Bulls Shoe Speed & Strength Run With The Bulls Shoe Derrix97 - Yakima, WA Great Riding Shoe "I've been wearing these shoes for about 7 months now and I don't have any complaints. They fit true and they are padded enough so they are comfortable. The velcro strap conceals the laces underneath it so they don't fly around and potentially get caught in the chain. The toe of the shoe is very hard and assists in shifting much more than a regular shoe or boot would. They do get scuffed up after a while as mine have black scuffs on them. All in all, great riding shoe."
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Evel Knievel One T-Shirt Evel Knievel One T-Shirt JoeStreet - Portland, OR, USA Chanelling The Great One "Cool shirt, fits true to size, and makes me look somewhat swol even though I don't cross-fit. Makes a great personal dating barometer, allowing me to filter out prospects who've never heard of Evel Knievel; either they're too young and / or unaware of the magic of motorcycling."
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