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Moose Radiator Guards Moose Radiator Guards XC143 - Atlanta, GA, USA Good investment! "Easy installation, comes with good instructions (2011 YZ450F). Fit over my "pre-bent" radiators. Good investment !"
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Answer 2016.5 Syncron Combo Answer 2016.5 Syncron Combo Sleazy - Best bang for your buck. "If you are just ridding 1 every 2 weeks like I am (trails and track) this is perfect. Gloves fit really good and are a lot better then I assumed they would be. Pants are great, I don't sweat in them unless it's over 90 outside, everyone probably would by then in any pants, and they don't soak up water or let water through the mesh air places. The pant fit really well and has nice padding around the hips and Knees. The shirt is nice and easy to clean. it doesn't let enough air though for me so I do get hot, but it doesn't rip or start to fray when you snag a tree branch or anything like that. Overall I would buy this before I bought the more expensive brands, depending on you budget and how much you ride."
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