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Ballistic EVO2 Battery Ballistic EVO2 Battery DBrown - Syracuse, NY, USA a little pricy, but worth it IMO "Got this for my GIXXER figuring it would be good to shed a little weight to compensate for me eating too many girl scout cookies and hitting the local pulled pork joint a couple times per week too Starts the bike up no problem, even when its cold. I ride from late winter(end of Fed/begin March) until early winter(early December) and every year except last I rode on New Years day(had snow on the ground last year), here in upstate NY, and never had a problem. I do however keep it on a battery tender while sitting in the garage so, that might help. I got about 3 years out of the first one, so, I'll be buying another, especially now that I know Motosport price"
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Ballistic EVO2 Battery Ballistic EVO2 Battery redrider69 - ballistic battery "to this point seems to be a very good battery definitely cranks the bike better than the stock one ever did. the only issue was having to change the cable ends and routing. the positive and negative post are opposite the stock locations,but it wasn't a big deal."
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