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CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir Dirtbike55 - Oklahoma City, OK, USA Nice features "I bought this to replace one I have had for years. Same good quality. The best thing is the new lid design. It has marks on the rim to show the correct position to start it and a short turn to close it completely. Much better than the old design."
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Scott 2015 Goggle Case Scott 2015 Goggle Case YamahaRockstar - New Fairfield, CT, USA Nice case "I got this case to store my goggles and tear offs in one places. The styling is good and my only complaint is the the cover is hinged to the case with two nylon straps that only allow the cover to open to 90 degrees so it's always falling closed. I haven't done it yet but I'm considering cutting the straps so the cover will just open all the way. Otherwise it has plenty of room for goggles and tear offs and the styling is good."
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