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AXO Drone Boots AXO Drone Boots jaybell 4 out of 5 stars Good boots for a new rider "im new to the atv world and these boot are perfect to me. run a little small, might need a size up."
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AXO Drone Boots AXO Drone Boots OPII 1 out of 5 stars My ankle is broken. Spend the money "Well when it comes to helmets and boots, spend the money. Im writing this review a month after I bought them. I went cheap becuase I had just spent 3000 dollars on my bike for the season. and my pair of tech 6's were worn out. The first race I did with them the stitching came apart. Next race a buckle tore off. I was practicing at a buddies track, came out of a corner, ripping through third gear, hit a big root, lost my front end. boot twisted as it landed, twisted my ankle until the bone broke. a pair of sidis, or alpinestars, I'd a been fine. now I cant race this weekend, or work this month. spend the money. Its not worth hobbling around on a pair of crutches for 6 weeks."
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