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Artrax XC Radial Rear Tire Artrax XC Radial Rear Tire hondaman4 - Florida LTZ400 tires "6ply, great tread design, perfect!"
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Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire Artrax MX-Pro Front Tire Stewie - OH Hands Down... "Hands down, the best tire for the money. You can't beat the price of these tires and the performance is right up there with the major manufacturers. After 10 hours on this particular tire(mix of soft, hard, rock...gotta love southeastern OH) there is no noticeable tread wear. No chunking. No torn knobs. Took about 60lbs. to seat the bead but I've had plenty of other name brand tires that were just as stubborn. Even if you're a person that's dead set on a particular race tire, try some Artrax for practice. My favorite combo is the MX front/SX1 rear."
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