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Artrax CTX Tire Artrax CTX Tire Beaver 5 out of 5 stars Nice Tires "I am very pleased with the tires. Great bite in snow and mud. Shipped and received in 3 days. Wrapped tightly but couple days in sun and heat put them back to shape. Easy to mount by hand."
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Artrax MXT Front Tire Artrax MXT Front Tire Nemo 5 out of 5 stars Front tires for 2004 YFZ 450 "I do a lot of trial riding and dirt roads, Everything for 3000 ft to 10500 in the high sierras. only run about 6 pounds of air front and rear. excellent hookup in all conditions including snow. Yeah not a lot snow this year but fun to know that's going to stop me.."
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