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PC Racing Filterskins PC Racing Filterskins Schadey - Driggs, ID, USA Everyone needs skins "Easy to use and you can get a minimum of 2 rides in from one filter when you use a skin. For longer trips they are small and easy to pack so don't take up much room. Anyone who is a trail rider is crazy not to have these!"
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UNI Air Box Vents UNI Air Box Vents Knucklebuster4x4 - Chino, CA, USA Air vents work as advertised "The air vents are easy to install using a 1-inch hole saw and a de-burring knife to clean up the holes before snapping the vents into place. I chose to use the air box vents as an alternative to removing the lid, even though I have a K&N filter with an outer-wears cover I didn't want debris or water splashing directly against the filter media."
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