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Outerwears Airbox Cover Outerwears Airbox Cover Bubbles - This Is An Airbox Cover "Installs fairly easy if you remove the airbox like the instructions tell you to. I also wound up cutting the brackets off where the top would clamp on so that I could get a tighter fit. They recommend you to be careful removing it from the velcro or it will rip and I believe them, it's not super strong. In fact, it looks pretty cheap. But it seems to help keep dust out, possibly, I usually wind up with mud in it so it's tough to tell."
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Twin Air - Air Box Cover Twin Air - Air Box Cover David - Brooksville, FL 34601, USA Sealed up air box tight "Worked as designed. Sealed up air box tight enough to used 2500 PSI pressure washer around outside of cover with no leaks, just don't think you can spray the bottom seal directly without it leaking. Went on as easy as a new filter. Feels durable and like it is going to last for a long time. Definitely worth the investment if you wash your bike regularly."
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