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A'ME Off-Road Full Waffle Heated Grips A'ME Off-Road Full Waffle Heated Grips Jason - Indiana AME heated grips "Installed these on a husqvarna fe450 installation was fairly straight forward. Called AME and made sure you could cut the ends of the grips for bark buster handgaurds and you can. I used a carbide burr to bore a hole in the end and opened it up to the diameter of the bars. Grips have 6 heat settings 1-6. Rode in 10 degree weather with gauntlets yesterday and had the grips set on 2 but was wearing a shift racing cold weather glove and hands were nice and warm. I would imagine with a higher setting a thin moto glove he could be worn. Grip compound is a little stiff compared to a pro grip 788 or a renthal diamond soft. They are a little wider than the a regular grip I had to move my e start button to the inside of front brake to get my lever position right. So far they work great."
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A'ME ATV 1.3 Tri Heated Grips A'ME ATV 1.3 Tri Heated Grips Gord - Stonewall, MB, Canada A'ME ATV 1.3 Tri Heated Grips "I bought these grips for the ease of installation. The grips were great at the start they feel great on the hands and stay clamped nicely but after a few months the heat on the left hand grip stopped working. I would unplug the connector and leave it for a bit and then try again and it would start heating but would shut off after a few minutes. There has been no issues with the right side. Its too bad because other then the one grip failing these grips would have been great they do heat up quite well and are very easy too install."
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