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Show Chrome Oil Filler Cap Show Chrome Oil Filler Cap Dmikeaz - Arizona, USA Chrome oil filler cap "Looks great! Only issue I had was the O ring was missing. It leaked the first day I put it on. When I looked at it closer, I noticed it didn't come with the O ring. Fortunately I had the old cap and used that O ring. No problems since."
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IRC Heavy Duty Tube IRC Heavy Duty Tube mxkx250 - Orlando, FL, USA Finally replaced after 7 years. "My old IRC tube was used on at least 4 tires. And lasted 7 years. I only bought this one because I felt the old one was probably going to die at a bad time and I was getting paranoid. It finally broke when I was removing it during my last tire change, and thats only because I was rough on it because I planned on tossing it anyway. I can't believe how long it lasted."
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