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AC Racing MX Peg Nerf Bars AC Racing MX Peg Nerf Bars wally - Alexandria, MN 56308, USA great nerf bars for the price! "i bought these nerf bars for my suzuki ltr 450 back in 2011 and they have held up great so far! some of the tabs for the netting in the heal guard did get bet but i kind of expected they would. the pegs on them are pretty aggressive and have never had a problem with my feet sliding around. finally after almost 4 years of owning them i have to replace the nets and i have always had great customer service at AC racing!"
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AC Racing MX Peg Nerf Bars AC Racing MX Peg Nerf Bars mxrcr103 - Paris Tn atv mx racer very sturdy "I decided to buy another set of ac nerfs because I got tired of welding up my name brand nerfs that I had. I had used ac in the past and they have always been very strong with no failures. This new style allows plenty of foot room unlike some of there earlier designs. The footpegs also bolt up differently wich makes them very sturdy with no wobble. The only complaint I would have is that the black powder coat could be thicker. In the past there powdercoat would flake off and that has been no issue with these. Overall I love these bars and would definantly recomend even compaired to a set of 500 dollar rath or houser nerfs."
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