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Artrax CTX Radial Tire Artrax CTX Radial Tire Stroke250 - Tires are amazing! "This is my second set of CTX tires. I had a set on my Sportsman 570 and those were great in any terrain. Even driving through thorn apple patches in northern Michigan, I didn't have any issues with flats. I bought the radial version for my XP900 and they are smooth on the road and have worked flawlessly on the rocky terrain down here in Texas."
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Shinko 777 Front Tire Shinko 777 Front Tire Kamikaze - PHX Metro Area Shinko 777 Front Tire B/W Heavy Duty "Have a set of Shinko 777's with W/W on my bike now! Rear Tire worn out and can't find a W/W anywhere. Replacing both F & R with B/W for appearance only. The F tire is HD (Heavy Duty, not Harley Davidson) meaning 6 ply rather than the typical 4 ply. A little heavy and stiff, but really tracks well. Rides better warm / hot than cold. More than enough tread remaining to last through my second replacement Rear Tire, but W/W up front and B/W in rear just wouldn't look right! Paired up F & R these tires provide an excellent ride!"
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