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FMF Muffler Plug FMF Muffler Plug Halferty671 - FMF Muffler Plug "I ordered this for my sons ttr50 knowing it will not work but made it work but cutting some of the end off so it will go in the exhaust. it is something great to have when he is washing his bike so we don't have any issues."
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FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe MileHiMike - Denver Great Service "I purchased this exhaust to replace a damaged ProCircuit pipe that was on the bike when I bought it. To be honest, the mounts for the FMF Gnarly didn't line up with my 1999 CR500AF, because it has a non stock, CR250 Aluminimum Frame. I called Motosports to discuss the issue and they were very knowledgable and willing to help. Turned out that I simply removed the mount on the FMF Gnaly, and the pipe fit really well without it. My point here is that the guy at Motosport was very helpful and willing to help, even though I didn't need it. Thanks for your help and service Motosport."
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