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1996 Yamaha BLASTER

EBC CK Clutch Kit

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FITS: 1996 Yamaha BLASTER change
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Driven Complete Clutch Kit - 1996 Yamaha BLASTER EBC CK Clutch Kit
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EBC CK Clutch Kit

Product Description

  • Contains full set of friction plates.
  • Top quality friction material on alloy plates.
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honda435 Location: West Union, WV
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Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: Gypsum, CO, USA
Raptor 250 clutch

Perfect fit!!! Great product at an affordable price!!!

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser

easy install with right tool

Ease of Installation
Verified Purchaser
Location: West Union, WV
EBC CK Clutch kit

Excellent Item for the cost

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jet057 Location: Kingsburg,Ca.
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hondaluvr 18 days ago Location: new haven,ky,usa
What is the best clutch i should go with when I do alot of trail ridding and mud playing?
MotoSport Staff Expert
18 days ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
This EBC kit would be a great replacement for the OEM clutch plates. I would also recommend taking a look at the Barnett Complete Clutch Kit for your Honda TRX400EX.
MikeysDime 2 months 1 day ago Location: Glendale, AZ, USA
What would be the clutch kit # for a 2008 yamahe R6.?
I currently have Kevlar clutch friction plates in it now, but recently had a dealer do an oil change. and they used synthetic oil and now the cutch is slipping in higher RPM's. would it do any damage to the steel plates or would it be ok just to do the friction plates and springs?
Engine8 4 months 25 days ago
How do i improve low end torque?
Cant get the tires to spin in the thick mud. Just bogs in 4wd High. 4wd Low will spin them but not enough rpms to fling mud out of the lugs. Will a clutch kit help?
MotoSport Staff
4 months 24 days ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
Unfortunately, with your Eiger being the foot shift model, there is not a lot you can do to help with the gearing issue. This clutch will not perform any differently than your stock clutch. The Eiger 400 just doesn't have enough power to turn 25" tires in the deep mud consistently.
Cae1955 Over 5 months ago Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
What is final price of 8 plates?
I need 8 plates, what is the right way to order?
MotoSport Staff
Over 5 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
You will need to make sure that you have your bike profiled correctly when ordering. This is sold as a complete kit for the bike and include the full set of fiber plates specific to your bike.
MRTWX Over 7 months ago Location: Ireland
Ck number for 1986 shadow 700c?
I want to ensure the ck number so I know im buying the right kit
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
For your 1986 Shadow 700 you would receive CK1166.
Raiders42025 Over 8 months ago Location: Kentucky, USA
Does this fit 1984 honda 200trx 4 wheeler?
MotoSport Staff
Over 8 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
We can get this kit for your 1984 TRX200. If you can give us a call we are more than happy to help you out with the pricing and availability of this specific clutch for your model.
Angel 1 year ago Location: New York, NY, USA
Clutch for 2006 Honda TRX250EX?
I have the 2006 Honda TRX250EX which is not regular shifting. It can be shifted by just pushing the shifter, or by pulling the clutch handle on top and shifting and releasing the handle. (I think its called the sports clutch) However, For some time now I think its called slipping; For example, on the 1st gear it doesn't have all the power/torque it used to have. On 2nd gear as well. I had fixed this issue temporarily by pulling the clutch cable and adjusting it near the engine. after adjusting it the 1st gear would have all the power it had and also 2nd would be quicker. But after a couple days of use the problem would return. My question is; is this the right thing to change? Using this clutch kit? Thanks in advanced for anyone's response.
MotoSport Staff
1 year ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
If you are experiencing your clutch slipping (like you are describing) you will at a minimum want to replace the friction plates, which is this particular kit. I suggest removing the clutch components see if the the steel plates need to be replaced as well. Typically when the clutch is slipping as bad as your case, the steel and friction plates will need to be replaced. If you can see any bluing from excessive heat or warp on the steel plates, then replacing the complete set would be ideal.
Nascarhotsauce 1 year ago Location: Tampa, FL, USA
How hard is it to replace clutch on 1987 Honda Interceptor. Will basic tools do the job?
What should I buy to make this dummy proof? Parts needed?
MotoSport Staff
1 year ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
As long as you have a basic metric tool set you will have the appropriate tools to get the job done. I would also purchase a clutch cover gasket and some Honda GN4 engine oil, and oil filter since you will be draining the oil. Once you have the clutch cover off it's pretty simple and self explanatory to take apart. Refer to the OEM Parts Diagram after double checking your bike model information. Check the VIN to make sure your model information is correct.
jet057 1 year 1 month ago Location: Kingsburg,Ca.
What specific tools !?
I think i can do this job,I got tools but are there specific tools i need to have to replace the friction plates on my 2002-honda rebel 250.My thinking is dump oil and crack open the clutch cover the from there figure how to remove the part.Replace parts,bolt up and seal w/ new gasket cover add oil then ride..hope fully,,,
MotoSport Staff
1 year 1 month ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
To just replace the clutch plates on your Honda Rebel 250, you won't need more than common hand tools. Basically draining the oil and removing the clutch cover will get you started. From there, you will remove the 4 bolts holding the clutch springs into the pressure plate. Once these are out of the way it's just a matter of replacing the plates in the same order. It's a good idea to soak your new plates in clean motor oil the night before. Everything goes back together the way you took it apart and seal up the clutch cover with a new gasket. This clutch kit is for the friction set. Depending on your clutches condition, you may or may not to need to replace the steel plates. All the OEM parts are located on this URL:
gemmer 1 year 1 month ago
How many plates are in set?
MotoSport Staff
1 year 1 month ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
This will depend on how many plates are needed for your particular model.
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Kawasaki KZ650 - CSR
Kawasaki KZ700
Kawasaki KZ750 - Four
Kawasaki KZ750 - LTD Shaft
Kawasaki KZ750 - LTD Twin
Kawasaki KZ750 - LTD
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Kawasaki KZ750 - CSR Twin
Kawasaki KZ750 - Spectre
Kawasaki KZ750 - GPz
Kawasaki KZ900
Kawasaki KZ900 - LTD
Kawasaki S3 - Mach 2
Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic - VN900B
Kawasaki Z1
Kawasaki ZR1000 - Z1000
Kawasaki ZR-750
Kawasaki ZG1000 - Concours
Kawasaki ZN1100 - LTD
Kawasaki ZN700 - LTD Shaft
Kawasaki ZR1100 - Zephyr
Kawasaki ZR7
Kawasaki ZR750 - Zephyr 750
Kawasaki ZR7S
Kawasaki ZR1100 - ZRX 1100
Kawasaki ZR1200 - ZRX 1200R
Kawasaki ZX1000 - Ninja ZX-10R
Kawasaki ZX1100 - Ninja ZX11
Kawasaki ZX1100D - Ninja ZX-11

Kawasaki ZX1200 - Ninja ZX-12R
Kawasaki ZX1400 - Ninja ZX-14
Kawasaki ZX600D - Ninja ZX-6
Kawasaki ZX600 - Ninja 600R
Kawasaki ZX600E - Ninja ZX-6
Kawasaki ZX636 - Ninja ZX-6R
Kawasaki ZX600 - Ninja ZX-6R
Kawasaki ZX600 - Ninja ZX-6RR
Kawasaki ZX750 - Ninja ZX-7
Kawasaki ZX750 - GPz
Kawasaki ZX750 - Ninja 750R
Kawasaki ZX750 - Ninja ZX-7R
Kawasaki ZX900 - Ninja 900
Kawasaki ZX900 - Ninja ZX-9R
Kawasaki ZX1200 - ZZ-R 1200
Kawasaki ZX600 - ZZ-R 600


Suzuki GSX1300BK - B-King
Suzuki GSX1300BK - B-King ABS
Suzuki DL1000 - V-Strom
Suzuki DL1000 - V-Strom Adventure
Suzuki DL650 - V-Strom
Suzuki DL650 - V-Strom ABS
Suzuki GN125
Suzuki GN250
Suzuki GR650 - Tempter
Suzuki GS1000
Suzuki GS1000E
Suzuki GS1000G
Suzuki GS1000GL
Suzuki GS1000S
Suzuki GS1000S - Katana
Suzuki GS1100E
Suzuki GS1100G
Suzuki GS1100GK
Suzuki GS1100GL
Suzuki GS1100L
Suzuki GS1100S - Katana
Suzuki GS1150E
Suzuki GS1150ES
Suzuki GS250T
Suzuki GS300L
Suzuki GS450E
Suzuki GS450L
Suzuki GS450T
Suzuki GS 500E
Suzuki GS 500F
Suzuki GS550
Suzuki GS550ES

Suzuki GS550L
Suzuki GS550M - Katana
Suzuki GS550T
Suzuki GS650E
Suzuki GS650G
Suzuki GS650M - Katana
Suzuki GS700E
Suzuki GS700ES
Suzuki GS750E
Suzuki GS750ES
Suzuki GS750L
Suzuki GS750S - Katana
Suzuki GS750T
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Suzuki GS850GL
Suzuki GSF1200 - Bandit
Suzuki GSF1200S - Bandit
Suzuki GSF1250S - Bandit ABS
Suzuki GSF1250S - Bandit
Suzuki GSF600S - Bandit
Suzuki GSX1100F - Katana
Suzuki GSX1100G
Suzuki GSX600F - Katana
Suzuki GSX650F
Suzuki GSX750F - Katana
Suzuki GSX-R 1000
Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Suzuki GSX-R 600
Suzuki GSX-R 750
Suzuki GSX1300R - Hayabusa
Suzuki RF 900R
Suzuki SFV650 - Gladius
Suzuki SV1000
Suzuki SV1000S
Suzuki SV650
Suzuki SV650 ABS
Suzuki SV650S
Suzuki SV650S ABS
Suzuki SV650SF
Suzuki SV650SF ABS
Suzuki TL1000R
Suzuki TL1000S
Suzuki VX800


Triumph Daytona 675


Yamaha FJ1100
Yamaha FJ1200
Yamaha FJ600
Yamaha FJR1300 - FJR13
Yamaha FJR1300AE
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Yamaha XJ750 - Maxim
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Yamaha XJ750R - Seca
Yamaha XJ900 - Seca
Yamaha XS650
Yamaha XS650S - Heritage

Yamaha YX600 - Radian
Yamaha YZF - R1
Yamaha YZFR1LE - R1 Limited Edition
Yamaha YZF - R6
Yamaha YZF - R6S
Yamaha YZF600R
Yamaha YZF750R

Utility ATV

Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat 250 2X4
Arctic Cat 250 4X4
Arctic Cat 300 2X4
Arctic Cat 300 4X4

Arctic Cat 400 2X4
Arctic Cat 400 4X4
Arctic Cat 400I 2X4
Arctic Cat 400I 4X4
Arctic Cat 400 VP 4X4

Arctic Cat 454 2X4
Arctic Cat 454 4X4
Arctic Cat 500 4X4
Arctic Cat 500I 4X4


Honda TRX200
Honda TRX200D
Honda TRX250 RECON
Honda TRX300FW 4X4

Honda TRX350 4X4
Honda RANCHER 350 2X4 ES
Honda RANCHER 350 2X4
Honda RANCHER 350 4X4 ES
Honda RANCHER 350 4X4
Honda TRX400 FOREMAN 4X4

Honda RANCHER 420 2X4 ES
Honda RANCHER 420 2X4
Honda RANCHER 420 4X4 ES
Honda RANCHER 420 4X4
Honda TRX500 FOREMAN 4X4


Kawasaki BAYOU 220 2X4
Kawasaki BAYOU 250 2X4
Kawasaki BAYOU 300 2X4

Kawasaki BAYOU 300 4X4

Kawasaki BAYOU 400 4X4
Kawasaki LAKOTA 300


Suzuki EIGER 400 2X4 SEMI-AUTO
Suzuki EIGER 400 4X4 SEMI-AUTO


Suzuki LT-F300F KING QUAD 4X4
Suzuki OZARK 250 2X4


Yamaha BIGBEAR 350 2X4
Yamaha BIGBEAR 350 4X4
Yamaha BIGBEAR 400 2X4
Yamaha BIGBEAR 400 4X4
Yamaha GRIZZLY 80 2X4

Yamaha KODIAK 400 4X4
Yamaha TIMBERWOLF 250 4X4
Yamaha TIMBERWOLF 250 2X4
Yamaha WOLVERINE 350

Yamaha YFM200 MOTO-4
Yamaha YFM225 MOTO-4
Yamaha YFM250 MOTO-4
Yamaha YFM350ER MOTO-4

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