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BikeMaster Aluminum Valve Caps BikeMaster Aluminum Valve Caps razorburns - Portland, OR, USA Quality valve caps "Bought them in black. Good quality and affordable priced."
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Goldentyre GT216AA "Fatty" Front Tire Goldentyre GT216AA "Fatty" Front Tire Tyler - Oregon WOW! HOLY TRACTION! "wow, that's all I can say, usually I don't do these reviews but everyone needs to know about this tire! The grip is unbelievable in every condition ive ridden in. If you ride allot of rocky areas just go ahead and stop reading this and click that order button! pinch flats are a thing of the past with the taller sidewall and deflection is next to none with the width. I expected corner ability to decrease but its just the opposite, now I can corner without worrying of washing out or the front end tucking. this tire gives you that edge on bermless corners because it hooks up on flat ground if that makes sense. This is the only tire you will see on any of my bikes and you wont see me racing on anything else either. If youre looking for traction this is the tire for you."
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