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EBC X Series Carbon Brake Pads EBC X Series Carbon Brake Pads coolguy - Portland, OR, USA The brand says it all!!! "I installed these brake pads on a 01' cr250 with ease. I have been using EB products for over 2 decades with nothing but great results. NOTE these are not for wet conditions but will work if in a pinch."
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EBC HH Brake Pads EBC HH Brake Pads ZeBlutwurst - Cali Central Coast Installed on 09 R1 for street and track use "I installed these on my 2009 Yamaha R1, after wearing out the stock pads. Instantly, I noticed a huge increase in initial bite, even when bedding them in, on my stock rotors. On my first hard ride after install, I had to be conscious of the new pads, especially in mid corner braking. I found an even more noticeable increase in braking power when using my track wheels with Galfer Wave Rotors. HUGE increase over the stock pads. EBC has been around a long time, and they don’t seem to get as much “respect” from people who want performance pads, but having used them for many years, as well as other top brands like Galfer, Braking and SBS, I think EBCs are just as good."
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