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Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Tire Combo Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Tire Combo BANDIT - THE ONLY TIRES I BUY "REALLY LIKED THE Q2 THESE ARE EVEN BETTER ! 3RD SET OF Q3"
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Artrax TG4 Rear Tire Artrax TG4 Rear Tire TrailRanger - Terre Haute, IN, USA Tire will rock your world on mucky trails! "Rear: Man does it ever work. Racing hare scrambles. With the power of a YZF426 to clean it, it throws mud treetop high and pushes like nothing I've ever seen! If you've got a powerful bike and can spin the rear clean, this *IS* the tire you want! Nof for lower powered play bikes. For TTRs and lower powered offroad play bikes, this is not your tire. I'd almost recommend putting it on backwards to attempt to make it self cleaning but haven't done that yet. TG4 on the rear has superior forward push in mucky and sloppy conditions but only fair in cornering. The stopping power is excellent too, in mucky conditions because the tread shape makes is self cleaning. Seriously, you need to try one! I'll never get anything else for this YZF426. The reason I'm doing a review is that the one on there is worn and we're putting another one on ASAP. I'm here to order another rear one. Front: Its good. Don't know that is any better than any other tire but it works very well. If your front is worn and ready to replace, might as well use one of these. Its good. The rear, though, is BAD! ( a good way.)"
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