Xena XA801 Wall Mounted Infrared Zone Alarm

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Xena XA801 Wall Mounted Infrared Zone Alarm
Xena XA801 Wall Mounted Infrared Zone Alarm
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The XENA XA801 combines the features of a standard zone alarm with a built-in auto-dialer. Programmable with up to three telephone numbers. When triggered the alarm will sound, and the auto-dialer phones up to three pre-programmed numbers to alert you or others to the presence of an intruder. In silent mode, only the autodialer is activated. Battery operated, the unit connects to directly to any phone socket and is fully approved for all phone systems.

  • Auto-dials up to 3 programmable telephone numbers.
  • Passive infrared beam detects movement up to 20 feet (6 meters) away.
  • Ultra-loud 135 dB siren.
  • Easy-to-program 4-digit code.
  • Battery: 4 x Alkaline AAA batteries.
  • Battery life: Approximately four months (based on five arm-and-disarm cycles per day, alarm activation four times per day).

Note: The XA801 User Manual can be found here.

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