Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit - Stealth

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Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit - Stealth
Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit - Stealth
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From accessory to necessity! The Voyager GPS allows you to create, log and ride trails, and when you are finished, share them with friends. You can also monitor the engine temperature, ambient temperature, distance, voltage, compass, elevation, and engine RPM. The 2.7" screen uses the most up-to-date technology for amazing viewing, even in direct sunlight.

Voyager GPS Computer features:

  • GPS speed, distance, compass, altitude, temperature, maps.
  • View, organize, edit and share entire trail systems in 3D.
  • Designed specifically to meet the needs of off-road riders.
  • 240 x 400 WQVGA LCD - readable in intense sunlight.
  • Engine performance linked to GPS data.
  • Crash-resistant, off-road design.
  • Upload routes from any GPS.
  • Customizable user screens.
  • Model-specific integration.
  • Accurate tracks, even in the toughest terrain.
  • Runs on vehicle power (or internal battery).
  • Back-lit for operation in the dark.
  • Note: Carbureted bikes without lighting circuits cannot power the Voyager, you must use the supplied lithium-ion battery.

Need to edit those trails? Voyager comes with free complimentary software RideLeader to help you create, edit and save those epic rides. Don't know where to ride? Try Download trails around your home or at your next vacation destination. Be part of the community, upload and share your favorite trails for others to enjoy.

The Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit Includes:

  • Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer.
  • Mounting hardware - Voyager handlebar mounting hardware included in every Voyager kit. Fits 7/8" - 1-1/8" handlebars and positions Voyager in the center of the controls, in the safe zone below the bars.
  • Wheel sensor - 1450 mm wire length.
  • Magnet sensor kit - Digital gauge magnet kit.
  • Water temperature sensor - Radiator hose insert (hose clamps included).
  • Ignition sensor - 1800 mm Length (70.87").
  • MicroSD card reader.
  • 1GB MicroSD card.
  • Power lead.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Speed range ("SPD" on display): 0 - 999 MPH.
  • Distance range ("DST" on display): 0 - 250,000 miles.
  • Altitude range ("ALT" on display): 59,000 feet.
  • Temperature range ("ENG" on display): 0 - 260°C.
  • Accumulated run time range ("CLOCK" on display): 0 - 1,000,000 hours.
  • GPS sample rate range ("TIME" on display): 1 - 5 seconds.
  • External power input: 12 - 60 VDC.
  • Internal battery: 3.7V 900 mAh Lithium-Ion.
  • Battery life (typical use): 11 hours.
  • Battery life (100% backlight): 6 hours.
  • Battery charge time: 3 - 8 hours.
  • Power wire: Red / black 20-gauge wire.
  • Geodetic datum: WGS84.
  • GPS chipset: MediaTek MT3329.
  • Joystick: 5-position high-tactile.
  • Wheel sensor: Non-contact magnet sensor.
  • Temperature sensor: Ambient temperature, Engine temperature.
  • Backlight: L.E.D. group.
  • Screen: 240 x 400 WQVGA LCD, 68.6 mm (2.7") diagonal, 58.8 x 35.3 mm (2.3 x 1.4").
  • Physical dimensions (WxHxD): 113 x 62 x 28.2 mm (4.5 x 2.5 x 1.1").
  • Physical weight: 6.1 ounces (172 grams).
  • Operation temperature: 0 - 60°C (32 - 140°F).
  • Storage temperature: -20 - 80°C (0 - 175°F).
  • Critical environment: Amber / red L.E.D. alerts.
  • Maximum waypoints: 300 waypoints.
  • Maximum track points: 72,500 points.
  • Maximum route points 72,500 points.
  • Maximum tracks / routes: 300 each.
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Overall 5 out of 5 stars
Location: Washington
Works great

I've been using mine on my snowbike for several months in extreme conditions with no issues. It has nice features; bike temp, ambient temp that can be mapped on an elevation graph over your entire ride, gps speed and odometer which is nice because you can't use your stock speedo when you put the Mountain Horse kit on, rpm, direction etc.. Also stores max and average readings; temp, rpm, speed etc.

Installation takes a little mechanical knowledge, not to tough though.Plugs into the stock computer power on my KTM but might be a pain to deal with batteries and charging if you don't hook it to a pwr supply, not a KTM issue.

Maps are a little disappointing, I haven't found many available for the areas I like to ride on the website they recommend using to download the gpx files. The ride leader software (included) used to edit the maps is good but google earth sometimes fails to load, easy fix though, just toggle back to google maps and then reload google earth. Once you log your tracks you can edit your route and make your own maps, or you can just build maps from scratch.

Video link is a ride, not a review.

Overall 3 out of 5 stars
Top 1000 Contributor Verified Purchaser
Good and bad.

I installed on a 08 Honda CRF250R. For the price you would think they could send a wall charger with it since you cant charge it off of your bike. I like being able to monitor my coolant temp and hours on the bike but the rest is almost useless.

Overall 5 out of 5 stars
Location: Battle Ground, WA
Dirt Rider POTY 2011

Voyager GPS will accept regulated AC or DC power, unfortunately the CRF450R does not have "regulated" power needed to power Voyager (stated in the instructions). With the AC wall charger, riders can still use Voyager using the internal battery.

This unit is designed for the trail rider. Between and the free Ride Leader software, the Voyager GPS is able to take you places you have never been. And perhaps more important, get you back.

And it received Product Of The Year from Dirt Rider magazine.

Overall 2 out of 5 stars
Location: nevada
Not the best

would have got a diff trail gps! doesent show where you are until you load a map . you have to load everything I mean everything! didnt hook up to my stok wireing like they said (06 crf450r)fried it had to send to trailtech for repair!kinda of dissapointedi guess its ok if you have no sense of direction.i do like knowing my engin temp&speed i would say that is nice

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CHILL Location: New Zealand
Macca Location: Australia
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ellick105 2 months 2 days ago Location: West Mifflin, PA
Is the trail tech voyager Weather proof? (sand,water,mud)?
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 months 2 days ago
We would call it water resistant. It has an internal water seal but pressure washing it can force water past the seal and chemicals like gas and harsh cleaners can eat it which will allow moisture in. As long as these do not happen then it will keep out moisture.
Rolo320 Over 5 months ago
Well this measure rpm also?
I have a kfx 450r 2009
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 5 months ago
No it would not have a tach to measure RPM.
john Over 7 months ago Location: Essex, ON, Canada
Hi just wondering if the trail tech voyager gps computer kit-stealth will fit my 2012 sportsman 850 xp h.o. epi?
when I go to order this product and add in my year model ,doesn't show for the 850xp . My model is a Polaris
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 6 months ago
Yes the Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit - Stealth (912-2036) fits
Polaris 00-15 Sportsman 400/450/500/550/700/800/850 (4WD)
Also, feel free to give us a call at 888-676-8853 and we would be happy to help you out with your order.
Buck Over 8 months ago
Can this unit be efficiently used to navigate on highway, as in adventure touring where a rider would be both on and off roading?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 7 months ago
No Voyager is not the ideal GPS unit for highway/street use. It will not display anything unless you download the maps and install them first. This works great for off road use, but you wouldn’t be able to use it to navigate on road. However Trail Tech is currently designing a new Voyager Pro which will be perfect for these applications. It will be full color with pre-loaded maps similar to a standard GPS, but also capable of mapping out trail systems like Voyager does now. It will hopefully be available early next year.
CHILL 1 year 1 month ago Location: New Zealand
Can you change the units from MPH to KM?
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 1 month ago
Yes, the Speed/Distance Units can be displayed in either miles or kilometers.
Shaun 1 year 4 months ago Location: Nevada
Loading Course from computer?
Do you know if you are able to design a ride from a computer and upload it to the unit?
Top 1 Contributor Top 50 Contributor
1 year 3 months ago
The Trail Tech Voyager GPS allows you to create, log and ride trails, and when you are finished, share them with friends. Need to edit those trails? Voyager comes with free complimentary software RideLeader to help you create, edit and save those epic rides
Macca 1 year 5 months ago Location: Australia
Changing mph to kph?
Will this unit fit a 2014 Husqvarna TE 310 R and can the mph display be changed to kph Thanks Brett.
Top 50 Contributor Top 1 Contributor
1 year 3 months ago
Trail Tech Voyager GPS Computer Kit - Stealth are made for most all models of motorcycles including your 2014 Husqvarna motorcycle. You can look at the product description on the product to links for the installation and operation manuals for the unit.
hass 1 year 10 months ago Location: California, USA
I own a harley...?
I need to be sure that this kit will tell me speed without adapting it to a wheel sensor. Is this kit 100% gps speed sensitive and the size of the spark plug sensor for engine temp. Obviously my spark plug is a different size than a dirt bike, being it's a harley fxdx. I have a honda 450x that currently has your product and wanted to see if we can make it a street legal application. Please let me know what can be done?
Expert MotoSport Staff
1 year 10 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
I honestly have no information that would show me how (or if) this could be installed on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. My best recommendation would be contacting Trail Tech directly with this inquiry.

They can be reached at (360) 687-4530 or
( )
Charlie 2 years 1 month ago
What accessories go with this?
Is everything included with this for mounting, instructions for all its abilities, and the cd card?
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years 1 month ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
This kit included a basic handlebar mount, Water Temp Sensor M6x1.0, Magnet Sensor, Wheel Sensor, Ignition Sensor, Power Lead, and a Micro SD Card. It should also include instructions for mounting and programming but they can also be found on Trail Tech's Website here:
ghislain 2 years 5 months ago Location: Quebec, Canada
Hi do you have maps of Québec if yes what is the price thanks for trailtecn voyager?
MotoSport Staff
2 years 4 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
There are many maps available out there, the available maps can be viewed at
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