Trail Tech Bar Clamp With Renthal Fat Bar Combo

Trail Tech Bar Clamp With Renthal Fat Bar Combo
Trail Tech Bar Clamp With Renthal Fat Bar Combo

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Description Item #TRH001T

Steering stem and bar clamp combos include:

  • Bar, Pad and Bar Mounts.

Bar clamp:

  • Designed for oversize (1-1/8") handlebars.
  • For most applications key switch and / or indicator lights are relocated into the clamp.
  • Mounts directly to stock steering stem.
  • Custom designed for exact model fit.
  • Easy to install, stainless steel mounting hardware is included.
  • CNC-machined from 6061 billet aluminum and hand polished to a high gloss.
  • Note: Not intended for use with Trail Tech Computers or mounted light kits.

Fat Bars:

  • 1-1/8" (28.6 mm) diameter, aluminum alloy, taper-wall, braceless handlebar.
  • Combines excellent strength with good resilience.
  • Shot-peened anodized corrosion-resistant finish.
  • 5 mm wall thickness at the bend adds strength.
  • This bar is particularly applicable where the lack of a crossbrace is of special importance.

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3 Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
Nice combo

So far so good I Deff recommend using thread lock on the bolts cause they tend to back out every now and then but other wise great for the price

Trail Tech Bar Clamp With Renthal Fat Bar Combo
Bad Clamps

I got these bars for my 450r and the clamp bolts kept backing out. Pretty annoying landing a jump when your bars keep moving. Bars are great but clamps not so much.

Springfield, OR
Excellent combo!

Just installed on my daughters 2007 400EX. It gave it a very comfortable ride height for any riders size.

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1 Question
Answered:   1
Not Yet:   0
Location: Canada
Q: Bar Pad?
1 year 2 months ago
Do the bars come with the Bar Pad in this package or will I have to order it separate.
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 2 months ago
A: Yes the Trail Tech Bar Clamp With Renthal Fat Bar Combo comes with Bar, Pad and Bar Mounts.
Feel free to give us a call at 888-676-8853 and we would be happy to help you out with your order.
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ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
607 - Raptor 660 31.1in (790mm) 5.55in (141mm) 4.33in (110mm) 3.15in (80mm) 3.82in (97mm) 9.49in (241mm)
611 - XR100 / TTR125 29.13in (740mm) 5.94in (151mm) 4.65in (118mm) 4.72in (120mm) 2.64in (67mm) 7.48in (190mm)
615 - TRX250R 30.39in (772mm) 7.05in (179mm) 4.33in (110mm) 4.53in (115mm) 3.5in (89mm) 8.07in (205mm)
636 - Banshee 30.79in (782mm) 6.38in (162mm) 4.33in (110mm) 4.33in (110mm) 3.66in (93mm) 7.87in (200mm)
666 - Desert/Vintage 33.46in (850mm) 4.69in (119mm) 3.23in (82mm) 5.51in (140mm) 2.91in (74mm) 7.76in (197mm)
677 - Quadracer 30.39in (772mm) 4.84in (123mm) 4.33in (110mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.7in (94mm) 7.48in (190mm)
717 - CR80 29.41in (747mm) 3.78in (96mm) 3.46in (88mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.76in (70mm) 6.89in (175mm)
722 - CR High 31.5in (800mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.64in (67mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.48in (63mm) 7.68in (195mm)
757 - Mini High 31.57in (802mm) 5.2in (132mm) 4.69in (119mm) 3.54in (90mm) 2.4in (61mm) 6.97in (177mm)
759 - RM125/250 96-01  31.69in (805mm) 2.83in (72mm) 1.97in (50mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.56in (65mm) 8.15in (207mm)
764 - Jimmy Button 32.05in (814mm) 4.37in (111mm) 3.19in (81mm) 4.72in (120mm) 2.68in (68mm) 7.99in (203mm)
773 - CR Mid 31.54in (801mm) 3.46in (88mm) 1.97in (50mm) 5.12in (130mm) 2.24in (57mm) 8.31in (211mm)
780 - KX80/85/100 98-12 29.02in (737mm) 3.98in (101mm) 3.35in (85mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.64in (67mm) 6.81in (173mm)
781 - ATV Race 31.97in (812mm) 5.87in (149mm) 3.78in (96mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.99in (76mm) 9.02in (229mm)
783 - Mini Race R (65 cc) 29.06in (738mm) 4.61in (117mm) 3.43in (87mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.09in (53mm) 6.81in (173mm)
784 - RC Mini / Alessi 29.21in (742mm) 4.69in (119mm) 3.39in (86mm) 3.74in (95mm) 1.61in (41mm) 6.89in (175mm)
787 - 400EX 31.3in (795mm) 5.63in (143mm) 4.21in (107mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.62in (92mm) 8.66in (220mm)
790 - CR Low/RM125/250 05 31.61in (803mm) 3.23in (82mm) 2.09in (53mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.24in (57mm) 7.95in (202mm)
791 - RM85 02-09 28.94in (735mm) 3.62in (92mm) 2.91in (74mm) 3.94in (100mm) 2.64in (67mm) 7.52in (191mm)
794 - YFZ450 ATV 04-05 30.43in (773mm) 4.29in (109mm) 3.62in (92mm) 4.13in (105mm) 3.78in (96mm) 8.82in (224mm)
797 - 50cc Play Bike 28.15in (715mm) 7.72in (196mm) 7.48in (190mm) 2.36in (60mm) 1.65in (42mm) 6.22in (158mm)
798 - KTM 85SX 30.51in (775mm) 3.62in (92mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.53in (115mm) 1.93in (49mm) 7.72in (196mm)
799 - CRF150F/230F 30.51in (775mm) 4.53in (115mm) 3.35in (85mm) 5.31in (135mm) 1.69in (43mm) 6.81in (173mm)
810 - YFZ450 ATV 06 30.71in (780mm) 4.17in (106mm) 2.72in (69mm) 4.13in (105mm) 3.46in (88mm) 8.78in (223mm)
811 - Raptor 700 31.1in (790mm) 5.59in (142mm) 4.41in (112mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.54in (90mm) 8.27in (210mm)
815 - LTR450 31.65in (804mm) 3.54in (90mm) 3.07in (78mm) 3.94in (100mm) 3.15in (80mm) 9.33in (237mm)
816 - CRF150R Adult Bar 30.83in (783mm) 5.39in (137mm) 3.98in (101mm) 4.92in (125mm) 1.73in (44mm) 7.01in (178mm)
821 - Short/McGrath 32.01in (813mm) 3.07in (78mm) 1.65in (42mm) 5.91in (150mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
823 - KTM 65SX 12-13 29.29in (744mm) 3.15in (80mm) 2.83in (72mm) 4.33in (110mm) 1.97in (50mm) 7.09in (180mm)
966 - McGrath 31.77in (807mm) 3.46in (88mm) 2.4in (61mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.36in (60mm) 7.99in (203mm)
966 - YZ / Henry 31.77in (807mm) 3.46in (88mm) 2.4in (61mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.36in (60mm) 7.99in (203mm)
971 - Carmichael 31.57in (802mm) 3.82in (97mm) 2.44in (62mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.09in (53mm) 7.91in (201mm)
983 - Bradshaw 31.81in (808mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.28in (58mm) 5.51in (140mm) 2.17in (55mm) 8.11in (206mm)
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
918 - CR High 31.54in (801mm) 3.9in (99mm) 2.64in (67mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.56in (65mm) 7.56in (192mm)
921 - 06 YZF 32.13in (816mm) 3.35in (85mm) 1.69in (43mm) 3.74in (95mm) 1.61in (41mm) 7.05in (179mm)
922 - Carmichael High 31.97in (812mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.39in (86mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.28in (58mm) 7.36in (187mm)
994 - Factory KTM 31.89in (810mm) 3.9in (99mm) 2.76in (70mm) 4.33in (110mm) 1.57in (40mm) 7.68in (195mm)
996 - Stewart 31.93in (811mm) 3.66in (93mm) 2.09in (53mm) 4.33in (110mm) 1.93in (49mm) 7.87in (200mm)
997 - Carmichael 31.65in (804mm) 4.13in (105mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.33in (110mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
998 - Windham 31.61in (803mm) 3.86in (98mm) 2.72in (69mm) 4.33in (110mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.48in (190mm)
999 - McGrath 32.01in (813mm) 3.11in (79mm) 1.65in (42mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
602 - YZ/YZF 07+ 31.54in (801mm) 3.5in (89mm) 2.32in (59mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.6in (193mm)
603 - McGrath 31.5in (800mm) 3.86in (98mm) 2.91in (74mm) 3.94in (100mm) 2.17in (55mm) 7.36in (187mm)
604 - Carmichael 31.65in (804mm) 4.09in (104mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.13in (105mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.4in (188mm)
605 - CR High 31.69in (805mm) 3.82in (97mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.56in (65mm) 7.87in (200mm)
609 - RC High 31.57in (802mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.31in (84mm) 4.13in (105mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.48in (190mm)
671 - RC Mini 29.69in (754mm) 4.41in (112mm) 3.03in (77mm) 3.35in (85mm) 2.05in (52mm) 6.97in (177mm)
672 - CR / MX Low 31.73in (806mm) 3.35in (85mm) 2.01in (51mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.48in (190mm)
745 - Enduro 30.75in (781mm) 4.02in (102mm) 2.68in (68mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.44in (189mm)
821 - Short/McGrath 32.01in (813mm) 3.07in (78mm) 1.65in (42mm) 5.91in (150mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
822 - KTM Low 31.81in (808mm) 3.27in (83mm) 2.09in (53mm) 5.51in (140mm) 1.61in (41mm) 7.87in (200mm)
826 - KTM High 31.69in (805mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.68in (68mm) 5.12in (130mm) 1.65in (42mm) 7.09in (180mm)
827 - KTM SX 125-450 13 31.93in (811mm) 3.62in (92mm) 2.05in (52mm) 4.61in (117mm) 2.05in (52mm) 8.74in (222mm)
828 - Street Low 30.16in (766mm) 3.15in (80mm) 1.97in (50mm) 4.8in (122mm) 1.97in (50mm) 7.48in (190mm)
Street 7/8"
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
754 - Low 28.98in (736mm) 4.29in (109mm) 2.48in (63mm) 4.13in (105mm) 4.69in (119mm) 9.53in (242mm)
755 - Medium 28.86in (733mm) 4.65in (118mm) 3.07in (78mm) 4.13in (105mm) 4.09in (104mm) 8.78in (223mm)
756 - High 28.19in (716mm) 4.76in (121mm) 3.78in (96mm) 4.13in (105mm) 3.98in (101mm) 7.87in (200mm)
758 - Ultra Low 28.86in (733mm) 2.91in (74mm) 1.65in (42mm) 4.33in (110mm) 3.7in (94mm) 9.13in (232mm)
789 - Street Fighter 29.88in (759mm) 3.98in (101mm) 2.28in (58mm) 4.53in (115mm) 3.11in (79mm) 7.64in (194mm)

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