Scott Hustle / Tyrant Thermal Works Lens

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Works Thermal Lenses feature Works lens technology on a dual-pane lens, ideal for cold temperature or high moisture race conditions. Works Thermal lenses are made from polycarbonate material to maintain impact resistance and provide 100% UV protection.

  • Works replacement Thermal Lens for Scott Hustle and Tyrant series Goggles.
  • Anti-fog dual-pane lens.

Scott Hustle / Tyrant Thermal Works Lens Details:

  • Amp Blue: Visual clarity in most light conditions.
  • Amp Rose: Improved depth perception in all weather, especially mildly cloudy or flat-light conditions. Light transmission: 47%. Filter category: 1.
  • Yellow: Increases depth of field and visual clarity in overcast conditions with low or flat light. Light transmission: 71%. Filter category: 1.
  • Clear Anti-fog: Maximum visible light transmission in all weather conditions, late afternoon and night riding. Anti-fog coating. Light transmission: 90%. Filter category: 0.
  • Clear Anti-stick: Maximum visible light transmission, all weather conditions. Prevents Works Roll-Off film from sticking to lens. For use in muddy / wet conditions. Light transmission: 90%. Filter category: 0.
  • Grey: Neutral tint to reduce eye strain in strongly alternating sunny / shadowed conditions. Light transmission: 49%. Filter category: 1.
  • Blue Chrome: Great option for sunny to medium light days; the blue chrome coating reduces glare on this exceptionally contrasting lens. Light transmission: 21%. Filter category: 2.

Scott has always been committed to innovation. The introduction of the Works System once again demonstrates that commitment. The Works System is a complete vision system using the same lens for either the Works Tear-offs or the Works Roll-Off Film System. By utilizing an identical mounting system, the Works System lens allows for hassle-and-tool-free conversion from the Works Roll-Off Film System to the Works Tear-offs System and back.

Using the same mounting system as the Works Roll-Off Film System, the Works Tear-off System also has a number of advancements over conventional tear-offs. Factory installed pins result in better tear-off performance and eliminate any variance because of faulty pin installation. For micro-adjustment of tear-off tension, one of the pins is mounted off-center allowing for a slight increase or decrease in tension on the tear-off by a simple twist of the pin. Works Systems really do work.

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