Starlane Power Shift - Nrg

Starlane Power Shift - Nrg
Starlane Power Shift - Nrg

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Description Item #LNE0005

POWER SHIFT NRG enables the rider to engage the gears without using the clutch and when the throttle is completely open.

The advantage for the rider is extremely short shift times, but above all it is in perfectly keeping the motorbike trim when speeding up at the exit of a corner since no pitch and loss of traction is triggered by the closing and reopening of the throttle. The sensor can be easily installed on the gearbox lever or pattern rod and it is directly connected with the small central unit that can be easily installed and adjusted.

  • HOW IT WORKS: DaVinci's Power Shift NRG allows the user to set the cut off time according to predefined engine RPM and the ignition cut below a specific engine RPM. At any gear shift, the lever is subject to the energy of the rider's grip. The Starlane sensor constantly conveys the amount of stress energy it is subjected to directly to the central unit which will power off the engine for milliseconds (typically 40 - 50) after having reached the value set up by the user. The short power off time is enough to engage the gears while keeping the throttle completely open and without acting on the clutch.
  • THE NEW INCREDIBLE DYNAMIC NRG SENSOR PROTECTED BY STARLANE WITH 2 INTERNATIONAL PATENTS: POWER SHIFT NRG uses the new NRG sensor, which is the result of Starlane's 10-year experience in conceiving and accomplishing solutions intended to detect gear shifts, which has induced important Italian motorcycle industries, as leaders in the World Superbike Championship, to use Starlane shift sensors on their own production motorbikes. The miniaturized NRG sensor is intended to detect not only the simple shift, but a signal proportional to the intensity of the rider's action on the lever and pattern rod. This solution can provide for an extremely valid and accurate system without connecting to the engine or chassis any extra piece or spring which would add troublesome clearance issues to the lever. This means that it is not sensitive to lever vibrations and oscillations caused by rough asphalt and is immune to similar pressure to the shift lever due to the involuntary action of the rider's foot. This cannot be achieved by common systems currently on the market, which detect the simple lever shift by means of linear sensors or with a microswitch because these functions are characterised by a very low accuracy level.
  • WHY THE NEW NRG SYSTEM IS SO REVOLUTIONARY AND SAFE: 1) The new sensor can be installed in just a few seconds on any and all motorbikes. 2) The sensor always remains in the most protected area in case of crash. 3) Any impact against the curb that may bend or damage the lever lengthwise and make any other solution ineffective does not have any effect on the NRG sensor's operation. 4) One single item can be used on all bikes and all roads. If you change motorbike model, you can keep the same POWER SHIFT NRG Kit for the new one. 5) It acts in both directions, even if it is not required for the downshift, this makes it really universal. 6) The sensor is monolithic, composed by one single piece without any movable part. It is not subject to any wear effect. 6) The NRG sensor is shaped (washer shape) and sized (small-size) in such a way that it can be installed on all motorbikes in just a few seconds without mechanically changing any original parts. This makes it completely universal.


  • 1 Power Shift control unit.
  • 1 NRG sensor kit with 2 washers, M6 screw and spacer.
  • 1 dual-lock adhesive strap fastening kit.
  • 1 supply cable from 12-volt vehicle battery.
  • 2 connection cables for engine cut off.
  • 1 user manual.
  • Rod type quick shifter with two black boxes.
  • Kit also includes the normal black box, as well as a special box designed to keep the O.E.M. computer from going into Safe Mode when the quick shifter triggers.

ATTENTION: Please mount the POWER SHIFT SUZUKI version (code EPWSSZ) on Suzuki road motorbikes NOT supplied with a Yoshimura ECU!

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