Pro Taper XR50 Extended Front Brake Cable

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Pro Taper XR50 Extended Front Brake Cable
Pro Taper XR50 Extended Front Brake Cable
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    3 inches longer than stock to fit high rise bar kits.
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john 1 year 2 months ago Location: St. Johns, MI 48879, USA
Can you tell me how long this cable is thankyou.?
Top 1 Contributor
1 year 1 month ago
The Pro Taper XR50 extended brake cable is 3" longer than stock for use on the CRF/XR50 bikes with taller handle bar kits installed.
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 1 month ago
There are two lengths we refer to when talking about cable lengths, housing length and free length.

Housing length is the vinyl portion of the cable and this measurement includes housing end fittings that are straight with no bends, if the cable has an elbow on the end of the housing this item is excluded entirely form the housing length measurement, the housing length for this cable (01-0465) is 32.55” and this cable has straight fitting on each end of the housing.

The second measurement is free length, free length is the amount of exposed inner wire of a cable and this is measured by pulling the exposed inner wire all to one end of the cable and only measuring the exposed inner wire, this cables as a free length of 3.75” this cable has a threaded rod crimped on the inner wire and a barrel on the side into lever that are not included in the length provided.

Motion Pro operates a custom cable shop and can custom make cables when needed, just in case this doesn’t work you can always contact Motion Pro and have a custom cable made. Motion Pro (650) 594-9600
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