PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner

PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner
PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner

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Description Item #PJJ0001

This item is considered hazardous material. Orders containing this product will ship ground only and cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or outside the United States.

The PJ1 range of specialty lubricants, paints and maintenance products leads the way providing unrivaled performance for bike and motor sports enthusiasts the world over. The PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner offers an outstanding product to clean your motorcycle or ATV air filter which will improve engine performance and horsepower.

  • Maximizes your motorcycle or ATV's air filter efficiency.
  • Designed to dissolve dirt and grime.
  • Easy to use with simple spray on and rinse off application.
  • Won't harm glues.
  • For foam and fabric filters.

How to use this oil:

  • Step 1: Shake can well before each use.
  • Step 2: Apply PJ1 Filter Cleaner liberally to both inner and outer surfaces until filter is completely saturated.
  • Step 3: Wait 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly and let dry completely.
  • Step 4: Apply PJ1 Filter Oil according to the directions on the label.

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33 Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Top 250 Contributor
Good Cleaner, Bad Nozzle.

Cleaner works just fine, however the nozzle is terrible. takes time after time to unclog this nozzle. I found that using PJ1 spray oil nozzle works better, so I just switch the nozzle to whichever can I need to use and work fines. Cleans well.

Verified Purchaser
Westchester, NY

Product works great cleaning the filter but the spray nozzle gets clogged every two seconds and you have to take it off and rinse under warm water to return to spraying

Top 500 Contributor
North Bend, WA, USA
PJ1 Filter cleaner

Been using this for years. Cleans filters amazingly. Doesn't smell terrible like some of the others I have used. Defintely a must buy.


Sorry but I don't like

spray on cleaners aren't worth the money. Just use gas and no it doesn't damage your filter like everyone says

Verified Purchaser Top 50 Contributor
Tuscaloosa, AL
When I find something that works I stick with it

I've been using PJ1 now for over 10 years. I find the product to reliably break up the dirt in my filter and allow me to wash away the dirt with little effort.

Verified Purchaser
Belpre, Ohio
As usual, PJ1 delivers a great product.

This stuff is by far the best foam filter cleaner on the market today. Have and always will trust PJ1!

Verified Purchaser Top 100 Contributor
Las Vegas, NV
Turn your filter white again

Great product for thoroughly cleaning your air filters to like new again.

Top 500 Contributor Verified Purchaser
Great cleaner

Use it after every ride along with the PJ1 lube

Verified Purchaser
Ashland, WI
Effective air filter cleaner

Cuts through grimmy, heavily soiled filters well. Its fin point spray penetrates into the filter media. I've use it to clean PJ1 oiled filters as well as filters oiled with Twin Air Bio Filter OIl. It also cuts through grease if used to seal filter. Both factory and aftermarket 2-stage filters.

PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner
UP, Michigan
Filter Cleaner that CLEANS!

PJ1 Filter Cleaner does an excellent job of cleaning air filters on contact. 1. Point 2. Spray 3. Cleans on contact. It is as simple as that.

Gr8 stuff

Easy to use. Gets the dirt out!

Royal Oak, MI

I am not impressed - did not clean my filter evenly even after 2 rounds with the spray. I let it sit for 15 minutes - went to wash it out but not all the dirt came out. Will look to a different product.

Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Great Product

Used along with PJ1 foam filter oil this stuff really dissolves the oil and cleans up with water. The filter looks practically new in a few.

Prairieville, LA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
AirFilter Cleaner

I've used PJ1 for years. On a few occasions when I've run out I tried some others and none have done as good of a job.

Top 25 Contributor
Southampton, MA
Great Product

cleans any filter oil up with ease and its great at cleaning other things than just oil! high recomend it

Top 250 Contributor
Del Rio, TX
Clean as can be

Used it often to clean my filter and works great to loosen up the major grit and grime, makes job easier

Top 250 Contributor
Decatur, IL
Cleans Well

Cleans the dirt, filter oil, and anything else in the filter. I know it's easy to clean a filter with gas, but that breaks down the filter. Spend the money, buy this, and give your air filter better life.

Dallas Tx
You need to buy this.

This cleaner is the best 6 bucks you can possibly spend for your bike. The result is amazing, just spray on and wash out, there is no reason to buy a new filter. This makes it look and preform like brand new. If you need a clean filter, this will do it for you.

Top 1000 Contributor
Allegany, NY
Simply Amazing

I've always used soap and water to clean my filters, but I thought I'd give this stuff a try...WOW, what a difference it made. I couldn't believe how clean it got the filter. When I used soap and wather, there would obviously be stains and such in the filter that I just couldn't get out. By no means did I expect this stuff to get it anywhere near as clean as soap and water, but it not only cleaned the filters, it got the stains out!! The filter looks brand new.
Add this stuff to your cart and buy it!

Top 100 Contributor
Eureka, CA
It works

I have used this before and it works to get the grit and grime out of the filter with less effort. i use foam filters so i am not affraid to wash with soap and water. but this helps get the majority of the dirt out easily.

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3 Questions
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Q: Will this be like a degreaser for the filter?
Over 6 years ago
I got a bike from someone and I am cleaning the air filter for the first time. I bought a no toil set but it turns out the person that owned the bike before me used a different type of oil and the no toil cleaner wont get it out. Now I need a solvent to get that oil out so I can put the no toil oil I bought.
Over 6 years ago
A: I just use gas to clean the filter and squeeze as much gas out and then take the air hose from my compressor, blow the remaining gas out and hang up to dry for about 5 minutes, then add new oil and re-install air filter.
Over 6 years ago
A: use gas first to clean the filter then use your no toil. allow filter to dry before using.
Over 6 years ago Location: CT
A: this is what you use to clean the air filter. you oil the filter after you clean it and let it dry. brand of the oil shouldn't matter.
Top 50 Contributor Top 100 Contributor
Over 3 years ago Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
A: Yes. This product will break up oil and allow you to clean the filter thoroughly. I spray the filter down with this product and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, I wash the filter in a mixture of soapy water. Next, I rinse the filter. A lot. Make sure you get it clean. Finally, I set the filter on a grate overnight to dry before I oil it up.
Q: Does the cleaner work well or is there a better brand to buy?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago
A: Yeah! This foam filter cleaner does a great job of cleaning filters and pretty much takes any/all of the hassle out of the older method (soaking the filter in soapy-water). Just spray it on, let the filter sit for a bit and rinse it out. As far as the brand goes, you can never go wrong with PJ1 products in my opinion. Its hard to say weather or not there's a better brand available out there, but if you look at the purpose and functionality of this cleaner, I'd say that there's no easier and more thorough way of getting the job done!
Top 100 Contributor Top 50 Contributor
Over 3 years ago Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
A: I haven't used a lot of other cleaners but I've used this one for 10+ years and have had great success with it. I recommend this one.
Location: Michigan
Q: What size can is the cleaner?
Over 8 years ago
Top 100 Contributor
Over 8 years ago Location: Eureka, CA
A: the can that i have is a 15oz spray or 425.3 grams. when i bought it at the motorcycle shop it was $8.00 a can so the price here is woth it when you order this with other products to cut down on extra shipping costs.
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