Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit - Rear

Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit - Rear
Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit - Rear

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Description Item #PVW000D

Pivot Works began operations in 1999 as the first company in the world to manufacture and market complete bearing and seal kits to the power sports market. The original supplier of chassis and suspension rebuild components for dirt bike and ATVs.

  • Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit includes everything needed to rebuild both ends of your motorcycle shock absorber in one package.
  • All of these kits are passed through the Pivot Works demanding quality control and are trusted by racers and casual riders alike to deliver reliable performance to your motorcycle parts.
  • The Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit includes: Two Teflon spherical bearings (cup bearings when needed), four seals, and additional components if necessary.
  • Pivot works also goes through great lengths to make their shock bearing kits are durable, while easy to install.
  • Includes Chevron Starplex EP lubricating grease to ease installation.
  • Backed by a lifetime replacement offer!
  • Note: Some shock absorbers on Kawasaki and Honda models use a clevis to connect the shock to the linkage. The bearings, collars and seals which are pressed into the linkage arm are included in the Pivot Works Shock kits.

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23 Reviews
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Verified Purchaser
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Best bearings ever

2001 CR250r

Just as the other guy said. The chamfer or bevel on the upper shock bearing was not enough making the bearing impossible to install. I was commited so I carefully ground the bevel to match the old bearing on a fine wheel bench grinder. After that it fit. Do not buy it unless you like waisting time. OEM parts for OEM quality


Bought the spherical bearing kit for my crf the bearing race wasn't beveled enough for the retainer clip to fit in the groove. Also bought linkage kit for 05 yz 125 one of the bearings was the wrong size in the kit. Better luck with Allballs or OEM.

Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Good, hard to install upper bearing!

Top 100 Contributor
Fairfax, VT
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

Kit is great as usual from Pivot Works, but for those new to changes or even a Veteran don't forget the shock bearing is a pivoting bushing and has a wire retainer that must be removed. If you forget you will either not get it removed or if you have a bearing press you will damage your shock.

Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Take your time

The kit included all that was needed for my KTM, however the outer seals were really a tight fit. When compared to the OEM they were actually slightly larger. Take your time and it will work. Bike works great!

Top 250 Contributor
Hawthorne, CA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Great product, awesome performance.

If you need to replace bearings on your bike, then this kit is the way to go. All bearings and seals included in one package, and the parts seem to be of great quality.

Top 250 Contributor
trumansburg, ny
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  

kit comes with top and bottom shock bearings, install pretty easy, if you dont have a press a bench vise and a little fines will do the job

Reno, Nv
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
No more Clunking

Works great. Fit perfect and easy to install. Made the bike feel new.

Top 10 Contributor
Typical pivot works

good stuff but pricey.

Top 500 Contributor
Worcester, MA

Scottsdale, AZ
Good stuff for a fair price

I installed this set in my 97 CR250. I've had no problems with any pivot works bearing kit I've ever purchased - as opposed to all balls products which have not worked out well for me in the past. Would definitely recommend this and any other pivot works bearing kits.

So much better

i am very satisfied with the performance of this product. installation can be without special tools. use a torch on the shock, freeze the upper bearing and tap it in with a socket.

Bearing Kit

Good Quality and easy installation.

new york
Thor helmet

Top 250 Contributor
Las Vegas NV

Good quality bearing kit for all you do it yourselfers put you bike back to that soft ride quit ride!

Top 1000 Contributor
lakewood ,WA
The best of the best

easy to install and works like a champion on and off the track.

Moose Lake MN

Top 250 Contributor
Pittsburgh Pa

I tore my 400ex down last winter and went over every bearing, bushing,nut, bolt,washer and seal to say the least. I made the mistake of buying "no name" bearings on ebay in the effort to save a few bucks and i caused myself nothing but headaches, the front wheelbearings wouldnt fit, i sent them back, the swingarm bearings fit but there were only half the amount of rollers internally ( they wore out 3 months later) and the shock bearings didnt come with the seals or the metal bushings that the bolt rides in. I ended up replacing all of them with pivot works, which came with everything needed for complete installtion with no hassles or headaches, i will gladly spend the very minnimal extra money for a quality product anyday. keep up the good work

jacksonville, fl
Best service

the correct part and fast shipment. you guys are the best!

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7 Questions
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Not Yet:   0
Q: 2008 yfz450 will these bearings replace the upper shock bearings or is it for the lower bearing in the linkage?
1 year 4 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 4 months ago
A: The Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit PWSHK-Y22-040 for your 2008 Yamaha YFZ450 includes 1 bearing, 1 pin and 2 seals for the lower shock mount.
Top 1000 Contributor
Location: Mazomanie, WI
Q: Does this kit include the collars, bearing, and dust seals for a 2000 cr250?
Over 6 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 6 years ago Location: P+RTLAND
A: Yes, they will be included.
Q: Does the kit include all the linkage bearings for my 2002 kx 125?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: This is actually the rear shock bearing kit. If you need the linkage kit follow this link:
Top 1000 Contributor
Q: Does it come with c clips ?
Over 7 years ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago
A: This kit will not include C-clips
Q: Does this kit only do one shock?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: Yes, this is only enough to do 1 shock.
Q: I also have a very springy rearend i think i need the nitrogen chamber rebuilt but if i do that should i also replace the bearings?
Over 7 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 7 years ago
A: Usually the linkage and shock bearing will wear in similar ways. I would inspect the linkage bearing first and if they need replacing replace the shock bearing. But obvious wear on the shock bearing should be addressed as well.
Location: washington,dc
Q: I have a springy tail end, will this kit make it stiff?
Over 8 years ago
rear end is bouncey and i want it stiff.
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: If it's too soft you will need to either go with a stiffer spring or adjust your shock. The bearings wont stiffen up your suspension.
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