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Description Item #MTZ000Z

Please note: Tire sizes vary by ride, please check your current tire and wheel sizes before placing the order. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-866-333-8033.

Purchase a set (one Front and one Rear) of two (2) select Metzeler Tires (non-race, non-motocross) between June 1st and August 31st, 2016, and you may be eligible to receive a $50 Metzeler Visa prepaid card by mail!*

*For additional details, terms and conditions, please see the attached Metzeler Fast Fifty Rebate form or visit HERE.

The Metzeler ME880 Marathon Tire Combo includes One Front and One Rear Metzeler ME880 Marathon tire, each with the following features:

The ME880 Premium line is dedicated to cruiser and heavy touring bikes.

  • Radial and bias-ply replacement sizes.
  • Soft compound for high grip allowing the rider to exploit great torque output with total control.
  • Machine-specific carcass construction for exceptional riding comfort and stability at all speeds, even under heavy load.
  • Tread pattern design with offset central groove's alignment providing very high mileage for never-ending riding fun.

Tire Properties:

  • Size-specific structural design allowing for linear handling which gives excellent comfort and stability at all speeds.
  • Optimized tread pattern design allows for improved water displacement and high mileage for safety in the wet and extended long journey comfort.
  • Customized tire contour for uniform pressure distribution resulting in excellent handling in corners for linear and easy handling.

Technical Data:

Steel Radial: Innovative belt structure with a single ply of steel cords wrapped around a radial carcass at 0. Patented high performance technology by Metzeler for both front and rear tires. Steel features a higher stiffness than textile and this allows the reduction of the tire weight. Steel radial belt reduces the dynamic deformation of the tire under centrifugal forces giving the tire an excellent high-speed stability. Thanks to the more uniform heat distribution, mileage is increased and wear characteristics are more uniform.

Metzeler Advanced Winding: "Metzeler Advanced Winding" is a patented system for optimum spacing between the cords of the 0 steel belt. In certain sections of the tire, the steel cords are wound with different spacing depending on the performance requirements on that particular area of the tire. On both front and rear tire, the spacing is wider in the crown area for more elasticity and self-damping. For sections of the tire used for mid lean, there is increased stiffness to support fast cornering. On the shoulder area on the rear tire, the spacing is again wider for safe feedback and control when riding towards full lean.

MBS-Radial: This symbol identifies a tire with radial carcass and diagonal belt using MBS technology. The radial carcass allows the construction of a low section tire for enhanced cornering stability and reduced weight, while the diagonal belt limits tire deformation for high speed performance.

Single Radius Contour: Specific tire contour developed for custom / touring bikes, characterized by a linear design. A bike-specific profile especially suited to heavy models. The wide crown area ensures great comfort and stability at all speed, thus maintaining very high mileage characteristics. The round side area of the contour provides very linear and easy handling.

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21 Reviews
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Agawam ma.
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Riding is fun again

These 880's are the best decision I made , my 09 Shadow 750 had factory Dunlops and tar snakes and highway cracks and grooves would grab the Dunlops and I never knew if I was going to get out of the wild ride or not. Now I have a much more controllable ride along with comfort.
Thank You MotoSport

Top 25 Contributor MotoSport Staff Expert
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Better than local dealer prices

I saved hundreds on these tires at Motosport compared to my local dealer. If you have someone who will mount tires for a reasonable price you can save big by bringing them your wheels and a pair of these.

Verified Purchaser
Grovetown, GA 30813, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Great Tires!!!!!

shipping was super fast, Motosports is awesome will do more business with them again and again great prices, excellent customer service, fast shipping .
I purchased the Metzeler ME 880 after a couple of my riding buddies have them and love them.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE TIRES!!! the best ride I have ever had
great in rain, great grip and handling and wear is great have lasted longer than ANY tire I have ever had.
I will ride on nothing but Metzeler ME 880 period.

Verified Purchaser
California, USA
Customer Service

There was a little problem when I ordered 2 tires and receved only one. UPS had lost one in route...
Called MotoSport and they responded timely and courteously in getting me back on the road..Thanks MotoSport Rock!

Verified Purchaser
Nephi, UT 84648, USA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Excellent choice!

These new Metzelers look great! So far the handle better than any other tires used before. I can't wait to try them on the canyon roads.

Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Night and day difference

I always loved riding my cruiser, but these tires took it to a new level over the stock tires. Highly recommend!

Verified Purchaser
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Metzeler ME 800 Marathon Front n Rear Tires

Great tires. After 100 break in, These tires have great traction. Noticed very soon. Excelent Tires. MOTOSPORT great experience dealing with your company, will be a return customer. Thank You

Verified Purchaser
Mossy Head, Florida
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
First Purchace

Loved the ease of researching, accessing, and purchasing from Motosport. Found exactly what I was looking for quickly, at the best price, checkout was secure and quick, and items arrived as ordered on time. Will be back.


Verified Purchaser
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Quality Purchase

The website was very user friendly. I was able to track my purchase with ease. I received my order exactly as stated. You guys kick, you know what. Will definitely use your company to order again. Can't speak highly enough about the tires. Thanks again.

Verified Purchaser
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Style  
Great price

the tires came on time,seem to handle well,

Excellent Metzeler ME880 combo

I have decided to replace factory tires on my 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 LT at only 6,500 miles. The tires still had a plenty of life, especially the front one, but I felt instability when riding over pavement grooves. I purchased 130/90H16 67H front and 200/70HB15 82H rear tire combo. The larger rear tire (compared to factory size) represents a Stage 1 upgrade (see the Metzeler website) for VN900 and adds about $110 compared to the standard-size combo, but is worth every penny. The delivery by MotoSport was without a glitch. The larger and wider rear tire looks great and fills the rear fender much better than the factory tire. There is no clearance problem, no modification to the bike is needed with this upgrade. Better yet, the speedo is now much more accurate and I am no longer chasing between 4th and 5th gears in city riding or grabbing for the non-existing 6th gear on a highway. From what I have read, it is almost like having a custom larger front pulley installed. But, do NOT install the larger rear tire if you did upgrade the front pulley on your VN900. That would apparently cause clearance issues with the original belt and splash shield. The bike felt different (that is, much better) right after installation of the Metzeler combo. I now have close to 2,000 miles on the Metzelers and the ride is smooth, stable, and secure. There is no noticeable wear so far.

Shreveport, LA
Metzler ME 880 Tires

My 2001 BMW K1200LT has over 77000 miles on the clock. I have always used Metzler tires and usually get over 13000 miles between tire changes. Metzler tires ride and handle well. I have made several long distance rides and have never had a problem with Metzler tires.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Excellent Purchase

I searched for about 3 weeks and numerous sites to find replacement tires. Motosport had the best deal on the Metzler combo for my 2010 Street Glide and the shipping to Hawaii was very reasonable. The road handling difference between the stock Dunlops and the Metzlers is night a day. The road noise is less and I feel the bike is ne w/ the road. The most notable difference is when I am laying into curves here in Honolulu. I highly recommend these tires to anyone looking for replacements.

Concord, Ca
Awesome website!

Found while researching the web for a good tire deal. Best find ever...thank you very much!!

I purchased the Metzeler ME880 combo for my Road Star Silverado. Mounted the tires and got the 100 "break-in" miles on them the day before Momma & I took off on a 1250 mi road trip. Tires performed as I knew Metzelers would...flawlessly!

For a first timer the Motosport experience was smooth & easy, price was unbeatable and tires were received the day promised. Delighted to be a new member of the Motosport "family".

Shiny side up!

paris tn

Installed tires on wifes 900 Vulcan. Stopped highway line weave they are very stable. Ride quality really good.


It took awhile for me to get my tires, the price was good an the tires feel great on the road

Memphis, TN.
Great prices/delivery

I had approximately 6 weeks to save up the money to get/install my new tires which gave me the time to research the price on the Metzeler 880 tires for my Honda Goldwing. Of the 1,000+ sites I visited Motosport had the best deal on these tires. I have already recommended this site to other riders in need of tires. The delivery was within 24 hours to my house and I am very pleased with the performance of these tires. Sure, they are higher in price than other brands of tires but if you are looking for quality than you need to pay a little more. Think of safety first not price. You could buy $50 tires but you will get only $50 of product. Metzeler 880's are top of the line tires. Within the last 30 days I have put about 1500 miles on my new tires and they are still looking brand new. Cheaper tires would have shown wear by now. This company is awesome and I will do future business with Motosport. H.C. Elam, Memphis Tn.

Tires look great.

I got these from Motosport cause other company's didn't have both front and rear tires available, and at a very competitive price, also everyone gave great reviews.

Mempho TN
Go fast, go long

They're round, they're rubber. they go fast, and lay over for you. Sometimes two is better and more fun than one.

Amarillo, Texas
Metzler Gets it

Smooth ride; long lasting, great handling; good looking. Enough said!

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6 Questions
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Not Yet:   0
Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Q: What size tires would you recommend for a 2004 Honda VT-1100C?
1 year ago
Found the exact size for the front, having trouble with the rear. Would you recommend different tires? If So, Which ones? Thanks
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year ago
A: A lot of things need to be taken into account when changing a tire size.Tires ‘grow’ at speed – temperature and centrifugal force cause a spinning tire to be measurably larger than one at rest. Tires need clearance in many dimensions. Tires that are too wide can hit swingarms, chains, or driveshafts. Tires that are too large in circumference change gearing ratios and speedometer readouts, and can contact fenders or swingarms. Wide tires are not necessarily a better thing. They universally ‘turn in’ worse than a skinnier tire of the same make and model, and usually hurt fuel mileage. If a rear tire is made wider and the front not adjusted for, rears have the tendency to ‘push’; effectively making the rider fight to guide the vehicle into a turn. The designers who engineer bikes usually are highly trained, and they apply that training to find a tire combination that accents a vehicle’s virtues, and minimizes its shortcomings. With all that said for handling and clearance reasons we recommend you stay with the stock size that the bike was designed for. Feel free to give us a call at 888-676-8853 and we would be happy to help you out with your order and choosing the right tires for you.
Location: Kittanning, PA 16201, USA
Q: Can I buy a combo of Front 130/80x18 and rear 180/70R16?
1 year 4 months ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
1 year 3 months ago
A: No, unfortunately there is not a 130/80-18 available. Feel free to give us a call at 888-676-8853 and we would be happy to help you out with your order.
Location: Miami, FL, USA
Q: My C50 has spoked wheels. If I buy a combo, will it be of the kind that will come with tubeless?
1 year 4 months ago
I would like to change for tubeless for obvious reasons.
Top 1 Contributor
1 year 4 months ago
A: The ME880 is a tubeless tire. You will have to use a tube for use with any tire on an spoke Rim for your Suzuki C50.
Q: What is the difference between the 130/90-16hb 73h and the mt90-16b 74h? I'm looking for all black without the white wall and don't know if one of the?
2 years 8 months ago
MotoSport Staff
2 years 7 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Both tires will be black wall models. The sizing is the same between the two but the mt90-16b 74h has a higher load rating versus the 130/90-16hb 73H as designated by the 74H and 73H tags on the end of the tire model.
Location: Houston, TX
Q: I have a question about types of tires?
2 years 10 months ago
What are the differences between a 130/70-18B 63H, a 130/70/HR18 63H and 130/70R18 GI tires? I'm looking specifically at the Metzeler ME880 line.
MotoSport Staff
2 years 10 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: 130/70-18B 63H is a bias ply tire. 130/70/HR18 63H is a radial version. 130/70R18 GI is the specific ME880 front tire for a Honda Goldwing GL1800. For your VTX1800C, the 130/70/HR18 63H is the tire recommended by Metzeler.
Location: Hollister, MO
Q: Tube or tubeless?
Over 3 years ago
Buying replacement tires for my 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900. Metzler were recommended. Do these come with tubes or are they tubeless?
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: The tires are sold individually without tubes. Depending on your model, you may or may not need tubes (some Kawasaki Vulcan 900s in 2008 had spoked rims while some were cast- this will determine the use of tubes).
Over 3 years ago Location: US
A: Great recommendation. Most tires mounted are tubeless. You only put a tube in a tire when you have a small hole in your tire and want to save tire or tire place will patch from the inside of tire. But if tires need replaceing, don't waste money on a tube.
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