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Josh Verified Purchaser
Rock hill sc
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 4/5
Icon airmada bioskull medium helmet. Bang for buck

Absolutely the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned . The size is true to fit and there is absolutely no waste of space inside the helmet. Once you try this helmet on u will never want to take it off . Overall it's a awesome looking helmet and fits great and attracts a lot of attention and also comes with chrome RST icon optics shield .

rmiller14 Verified Purchaser
New Carlisle, OH 45344, USA
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5

These people are amazing! I ordered a helmet from these people and when I got it, I realized I had made the mistake of ordering the wrong size. I called Motosport and that very day, they had the new one of a size larger shipped out to me! I spoke with an Eric who was super polite and incredibly understanding and helpful. The new helmet was at my door by the end of the week! Eric also gave me very simple, very specific instructions on how to send the original helmet back. He even emailed me the packing slip I needed to put on the box. I have and will continue to order from Motosport. The guys who work there are all motorcycle riders themselves, which contributes to the experience! Best experience with anything related to my motorcycle/motorcycle gear by far! Keep it up Motosport! Thank You!

mhertz Verified Purchaser
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Airmada Helmet

Fit great and is very comfortable.

Alex Verified Purchaser
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5

Overall it was everything i expected it to be. I read all the reviews and thought id try it out. Very pleased in every way and very stylish. I get a lot of compliments especially after i changed the visor color which was really easy to do.

Jonathan Verified Purchaser
Glendale Heights, IL, USA
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
This is worth buying

I am very satisfied with my purchase really good helmet very stylish just how it looks in the photo can't complain about anything

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Comfort 5/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 4/5 Weight 3/5
Great Helmet ......Poor availability

Bought this helmet and was VERY satisfied with the fit and comfort. Some buffeting with a passenger, but not bad. Also purchased 2 shields and switched the sideplates off with each change as directed by the product manual. After one season of use, the plastic tabs easily snapped off of the sideplate holding it onto the shield. Looking to purchase an additional side plate but NONE are available for certain styles/years including the 4 Horsemen model. Do NOT remove sideplates from the shield. Leave them on your primary shield and either don't move them to the extra shield! Wish ICON offered accessories.

Clay Top 1000 Contributor
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Far more than what I expected

This helmet is amazing. As others have mentioned the looks are far better in person. The photos get close but in person this helmet looks amazing. The fit is snug and stays in place. For me i find it holds my head very tight with out any hot spots and doesnt give me a head ache. Have only ridden around town and it is pretty quite as well. Get to take it out on the track tomorrow. Looking forward to testing the venting.

Hogfeeder Verified Purchaser
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Better in person

The graphics are super cool in the sun. They reflect an iridescent spectrum. This helmet is much better in person. If you are thinking about getting one...order it yesterday. One thing to note. This helmet comes with a clear shield installed AND a silver one. I bought the silver separately. Now I have one when the bugs kill the original.

Savannah, GA, USA
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Awesome buy

i bought the Airmada parahuman helmet from my work and love it. fits snugly and does not move around on my head. the ventilation is excellent with 6 vents to make sure my head does not get burning hot.

i would recommend this helmet to anyone who asks about what kind of helmet to buy.

vancouver wash
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Jason Britton_ arirmada helmet

Love this helmet! It's a little snug getting on and off but it fits perfect other then that.

ICON Airmada Helmet - Rubatone
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Awesome Buy

Helmet fits awesome and does what's necessary. Little snug when I put it on and take it off but that doesn't bother me. Love how lightweight it is. Get it in the matte black, you won't be disappointed.

motosport67 Verified Purchaser MotoSport Staff Top 100 Contributor
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
ICON Airmada Helmet - Seance

The icon airmada helmet is comfortable and very light weight.

KytanaAndHerKatana Verified Purchaser
Iowa, USA
Comfort 4/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
First Helmet

Found out that I have a tiny head, but that still needed to be protected while out on the road. I feel very safe because of the features, level of protection and a perfect fit. Very happy with my first purchase!

Helena, MT, USA
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Love the helmet

Helmet fits very well especially after I have broken it in. It is a little difficult to get the helmet on and off because of the bottom piece, but this also keeps a lot of the wind and noise out. I haven't got to test the ventilation to its full potential because it hasn't been warm enough, but so far it has worked perfectly. The visor is also pretty easy to change and the helmet looks fantastic. I would recommend this helmet.

Daniel Verified Purchaser
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Great helmet

I recently had a cheap hjc helmet. So this one was a big upgrade. It fits nice and snug for an extra large. It has the lid lock which is great. Ive drove my bike four times with this helmet as of this writing and no problems to report. Def worth it!

Mark Top 1000 Contributor Verified Purchaser
Huntington Beach, CA
Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 5/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Head turning!

This helmet is by far one of the best I've ever owned for the price! Great comfort, no pressure points, and very flashy! Withstanded a pretty violent crash with nothing but cosmetic damage! If this is your look buy this helmet! Great comfort and durability!

Chrisgo Verified Purchaser
Comfort 4/5 Performance 3/5 Sizing - true to size? 4/5 Style 5/5 Weight 5/5
Awesome Helmet

Great helmet, snug fit and very light weight.

Drw972 Verified Purchaser
Comfort 4/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 3/5 Style 5/5 Weight 4/5
Icon airmada

The icon airmada helmet is comfortable! although a lil snug but because of that it gives a very safe and secure feel. For the price it's a great buy. I am very happy with my purchase.

Comfort 5/5 Performance 5/5 Sizing - true to size? 4/5 Style 5/5 Weight 3/5
Pink Brighter then expected!

The Pink color had to grow on me a bit because it is a lot brighter then what I had expected. But its very eye catching which is good. Great helmet.

gordon, ne
Comfort 4/5 Performance 4/5 Sizing - true to size? 4/5 Style 3/5 Weight 4/5
Airmada rubatone- great buy for the money

after riding with the hjc cl-14 size large that came with the bike (sv650s) for a few months, i realized that it was too big; strong side winds would rotate it almost 45 degrees and block my view. my head measured on the small side of medium so i ordered an airmada medium, primary reason being that it had a medium oval head shape. my head is like an egg shape with a longer front to rear than side to side. and i have a protruding noggin in the back. first time i pulled this out the box, i thought it looked way too big on the outside to be a medium, hardly looked different from my large hjc. but then when i tried pulling it on, i thought my ears were going to get damaged. then i could hardly get it off. but after a week of using it (painfully), it started to get more comfortable and now its been 4 months and its still snug but comfortable, although i probably should get smaller cheek pads. at full highway speeds and above, a hugh difference in buffeting and cross winds. also, i cant really tell much of a difference in weight by hand, but it makes a huge difference on the head, on the highway, doing 70-80mph, for an hr or two. and despite being so snug, its not that much quieter. the ventilation is a whole lot better, especially at low speeds. as for looks, i still think it looks huge on the head, makes me feel like Spaceballs. but i guess its all necessary padding to meet all these new international standards. oh and one more thing, i wish the shield lock wasnt so extremely rigid. im sure it'll stay in place though even in a severe impact. overall, id say it was money well spent for a quality helmet.

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17 Questions
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Not Yet:   2
Location: Hawaii
Q: Weight?
1 month 18 days ago
Can anyone tell me the weight of a small helmet? Also if you have one the weight and size of your Helmet. Thanks
Q: How well does the nose piece deflect fog from breathing?
3 months 19 days ago
Always had an issue with helmets fogging up when I breathe. I have never had a helmet with the nose fog reducer attachment. Wondering if it actually makes a difference.
Location: Watertown, NY 13601, USA
Q: Is the ICON Bio skull Snell Approved?
Over 10 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 10 months ago
A: The ICON Airmada Helmet is engineered to the ICON WORLD STANDARD, which meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22.05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698:2006 (AUSTRALIA) & PSC (JAPAN) Helmet Safety Standards. Over 50 countries officially recognize these extensive head protection standards. It is not Snell rated although it may exceed Snell standards.

DOT – An acronym for Department of Transport, DOT is the is US government approved standard and, in the United States, is the most popular. DOT standards are aimed at protecting skulls from 90% of impact types ( low to moderate energy impacts according to the HURT Report) and favours a more shock-absorbent helmet. The maximum G-force allowed by the DOT test is 250g’s, an impact of 200 to 250 g’s to the head would result in a severe, though probably survivable brain injury (the DOT anvil is either flat or “kerb shaped” depending on the test). The DOT’s favouritism towards more shock-absorbent helmets seems to fall inline with recent studies indicating that absorbing the force of an impact is more important than resisting the impact.

Snell – The Snell Memorial Foundation is a not-for-profit, independent organisation established in 1957 and is named after William “Pete” Snell, a famous racing car driver who was tragically killed in 1956 when a helmet failed to protect his head during an accident. The Snell M2005 is the “old standard” and favours a more shock-resistant helmet, the M2010 is the new, more shock-absorbent standard. The Snell M2005 test allows an impact-shock of up to 300g’s, a 250 to 300g impact would result in a critical head injury. The M2010 standard allows a maximum of 275g’s (the Snell anvil is a steel ball shaped rather like a tennis ball, they also test with flat and “kerb” shaped anvils). The Snell M2005 standard is widely believed to be too “hard”, the newer M2010 is set to replace it completely in 2013, the M2010 standard favours more impact-absorbent helmets and a helmet that passes the M2010 test will probably also pass the DOT and ECE R22-05 tests (though this isn’t guaranteed). Snell certified helmets are allowed by the AMA for professional motorcycle racing however the M2005 standard will no longer be permitted after 2011.

ECE R22-05 – Developed by the rather lengthily named United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, this is the most common helmet certification internationally, required by over 50 countries worldwide. It is approved for all competition events by AMA, WERA, FIM, CCS, Formula USA and the big one – MotoGP. It, much like the DOT standard, favours a more impact-absorbent helmet allowing a maximum of 275g’s (the ECE R22-05 anvil is either flat or “kerb shaped” depending on the test). The ECE R22-05 is arguably the most up-to-date helmet certification standard, it’s wide use in a variety of high-level motorcycle racing classes is reassuring to many. The ECE R22-05 has more in common with the DOT standard than either the Snell M2005 or M2010 standard, an ECE R22-05 certified helmet are likely to pass the DOT test and vice-versa.

Helmet certification standards are a highly controversial subject in motorcycle circles, everyone wants to believe their helmet’s certification standard is number 1 but at the end of the day it’s down to each rider to do their research, make their decision and the wear their helmet. Every time.

Location: San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosí, Mexico
1 year 5 months ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
1 year 5 months ago
A: To better assist you with your international order, please use the international checkout option on our website as we require that ALL international orders be placed via our website. Just add items to your basket and click on the checkout button. BorderFree will calculate and display a guaranteed and lowest possible order total in your preferred currency, including all shipping costs from the U.S. to your selected international destination, as well as any applicable duties and taxes as determined by the destination customs and revenue authorities.
Q: Does a smoke lense come with this helmet?
1 year 9 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 9 months ago
A: No, the ICON Airmada Helmet would come with a clear lens.
Location: Rio Rancho, NM, USA
Q: Ventilation?
1 year 10 months ago
Which helmet has better ventilation? Airframe, or Miranda?
Expert MotoSport Staff
1 year 10 months ago
A: Both flow pretty well actually, but when it comes down to it the Airmada out flows the Airframe. Plus it's a better fitting lid and a quieter (personal opinion).
The Airmada has an extra vent right above the shield that increases the flow quite a bit over the Airframe.
Location: Australia
Q: Standard stickers that will come on the helmet?
2 years ago
I know that the AS1698 sticker will not be on the helmet but other than the DOT will it come with the ECE? In Australia it has become legal as long as the ECE is displayed.
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years ago
A: Yes the ICON Airmada Helmet would come with the ECE sticker on the back.
Q: Does this helmet ship with clear lense?
2 years 1 month ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
2 years 1 month ago
A: Yes the ICON Airmada Helmet would come with a clear lens.
Q: Hi is this a Black Matte finish or gloss finish ?
2 years 5 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years 5 months ago
A: The ICON Airmada Rubatone Helmet is a Matte Black finish.
Location: Texas
Q: Is this paint a matte base or gloss?
2 years 7 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert Top 1 Contributor
2 years 7 months ago
A: The white Icon Airmada Helmet will be gloss in finish.
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