Fastway F3 Footpegs

Fastway F3 Footpegs
Fastway F3 Footpegs

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Description Item #FWY000W

The most versatile footpeg system on the planet! Straight from the race track, the F3 footpegs feature Fastway's patented threaded pin-style cleats. These pegs offer sure-footed confidence, maximum grip, and adjustability.

The patent pending Universal Collar System is designed for ergonomics and adjustability. The system allows you to choose from Standard or Lowboy seat-to-peg height positions, giving you a custom fit between you and your ride. In addition the FKMS (Fast Kamber Mounting System) allows you to adjust the upward and downward tilt of the pegs.

  • Massive platform for comfort and stability.
  • Patented teeth for maximum control.
  • Ergonomically adjustable.
  • Camber and height adjustable.
  • 17/4 stainless steel construction.
  • Replaceable cleats.
  • Fastway Evolution III dirt pegs are 2.25" front-to-back and 3.25" wide.

Patented Adjustability:

  • Height - The Universal Collar System (UCS) allows you to mount Fastway foot pegs in either the stock or lowered positions on most bikes - simply by reversing the collar. For shorter riders, run them in the stock position. Taller riders (and those wanting less transition from sitting to standing) love the low-boy position. Offering up to 10 mm of drop, Fastway pegs give you the choice. The UCS system also makes it easy for you to fully rebuild your pegs, or take them with you to your new brand or model bike by simply changing out the collars. Longevity made simple and affordable!
  • Traction - The patented replaceable traction cleat system is amazing! All sets of Fastway pegs ship with two sets of F3 threaded cleats - short 10 mm, and tall 12 mm cleats; which allow you to customize the shape and traction level of your footbed. Set them up all tall, all short, arched center, tall outside, tapered, or get creative! Fastway also offers F5 Serrated cleats, and the ultimate in traction - the F6 Spiked cleats. F6 cleats are like being glued to your pegs. Can you handle this much traction?
  • Camber - Want better control or more natural squeeze on your bike? That's easy! The patented Camber (tilt) System allows you to customize the up or downward angle of your pegs to match your skeletal and joint angles. If it's important to tune your motor, your suspension, your bar height and rotation - what about tuning the most load-bearing contact you have with your bike? Yep, your footpegs! Tune them in, and gain more endurance, control, and traction.

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Location: Ventura
Q: How far do these actually lower the pegs?
4 months 15 days ago
How far do these actually lower the pegs
MotoSport Staff Expert
4 months 12 days ago
A: The Fastway F3 Footpegs offers 10 mm of drop.
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