Forcefield Body Armour Pro Pants

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A full-length armored base layer pant with removable CE Nitrex® approved armor covering the knees, thighs, hips, buttock and coccyx with Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) to ensure continued protection even after multiple impacts. Constructed from BeCool? a unique fiber that has a greater diffusive area than standard fiber that ensures high levels of breathability and comfort and allows the low-profile Nitrex Evo® CE approved armor to be easily removed and the pants to be machine washed for maximum hygiene. Fastened at the waist by a draw cord and elastic for extra support, the Pro Pant has stirrup fasteners that pass under the feet stopping the pants from rising offering superior fit and comfort.

  • Fully CE approved armor to EN1621 (Level 1).
  • Removable armor at knees, thighs, hips, buttocks and coccyx.
  • Constructed from Lycra / Meryl fabric offering breathability and outstanding comfort with Coolmax active mesh behind knees.
  • Soft, lightweight, and breathable comfort.
  • Designed for specialist sports where severe blows to the body are common.
  • Removable armor fitted in pockets internally.
  • Unobtrusive.
  • Machine washable.
  • Multi-sport product.

How does it work?

Forcefield body armor harnesses energy, slows it down and manipulates it into a lesser force before it hits your body. Where applicable, Forcefield body armor is made using a triangular grid material that they call Molded Nitrex Evo®. This is made of interconnecting walls where the width of the wall at the base is always wider than at the top. This is triangular in shape and these walls all interconnect, which means that the material is structurally solid and sound. While the triangular shape they create is the 'mechanics' behind the high performance, the other important element is the formulation and technical layering system used. It's light and is robust. The ideal material is one that, on impact, compresses to a degree but then returns to its original shape and size. This means that you are maximizing the length of time so that as much energy can be absorbed as possible. So, on impact, what you are trying to do is delay as long as possible the moment of peak transmitted force. This force is what does the damage to the body. Forcefield Body Armour material slows the moment of peak transmitted force and spreads the damaging forces over the whole surface, which means that the material is used to its maximum.

Repeat Performance Technology:

Forcefield body armor has been designed to withstand multiple impacts. Most armor types deteriorate after an impact, making it un-usable and ready for the trash - not Forcefield. Their research shows that people do not throw hard armor / honeycomb types away after a crash (as they should), and instead carry on using it - yet now it is not fit for purpose. Take it a step further - in a serious, high speed crash where multiple strikes take place in the same incident, normal armor is getting weaker at the very time you need it to be strong. Forcefield body armor is as strong at the end of the crash as it was at the beginning, thus giving the wearer the best possible chance for the least amount of injury.

3D Molding Characteristics of Forcefield Body Armour:

Forcefield body armor is soft, moldable, breathable and the most non-restrictive material design available. After wearing for a short period of time, the armor custom molds itself to the wearer's body shape - therefore creating not only a two-dimensional shape of the body part, but a three-dimensional form, molding in all directions, wrapping perfectly around the body, becoming a part of the wearer. It has the ability to move and flex with the person wearing it and is not restrictive in any way - it becomes a second skin. Forcefield body armor is close fitting, slim and part of the body. And, it is breathable; each garment Forcefield body armor makes is perforated with thousands of holes to ensure the heat can pass through the product, maintaining body comfort at all times.

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Overall 5 out of 5 stars
Sizing - Fit true to size?
Verified Purchaser
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Good fit

These are a good fit (small size, I'm 180, 5' 10") and comfortable under my jeans. Combined with my Sidi Fusion boots my knee and shins are protected. I had an earlier version of these pants and they lasted a good five years until the fabric started to tear around my feet and lower shins. They probably would have lasted longer if I took greater care when removing them.

I have yet to test these in an 'Off' and have no plans to do so in the immediate future : ) but I believe they would offer excellent coverage.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars
Sizing - Fit true to size?
Verified Purchaser
Location: Portland Oregon
Too early to tell

It's winter here in Portland, OR, so I haven't had much time to truly test these pants. True to all the reviews I've read, sizing on these is a mess. I am 6'1" tall and weight 190lbs. I ordered a size small pant and they fit like they should. My ONLY concern going in is the quality of the materials- pants themselves. Pulling them on, all I could hear was the pop and crackle of breaking elastic threads. NOT what I'd expect of a #nearly# $300 pair of pants. Once they were on and adjusted, all pads felt very comfortable. Threads finally stopped popping when I moved around, but I am already wondering what I'll do to have an extra pair of the pants #no armor# on stand-by. I hope to never need them, but I have no doubt they will give me added confidence on my rides. Had to check "would recommend" option, too early to tell if I'd recommend to a friend or not.

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Pro Sub 4

Torso Length    >16in (40.6cm)  16.75 - 18.25in (42.5 - 46.4cm)  18.75 - 19.75in (47.6 - 50.2cm)  20in + (50.8cm)
Pro L2K Evo Torso Length     >18in (45.7cm)  18.5 - 20in (47.0 - 50.8cm)  20.25in + (51.4cm)  
Pro L2K Evo Ladies  Torso Length      >18in (45.7cm)  18.25in+ (46.4cm)  
Blade  Torso Length  >18.75in (47.6cm)  19 - 20.75in (48.3 - 52.7cm)  21 - 22.75in (53.3 - 57.8cm)  23in + (58.4cm)  
Flyer  Torso Length  11.75 - 15.75in (29.8 - 40.0cm)        
EX-K Harness Flite Plus  Torso Length    >17.75in (45.1cm)  18 - 19.75in (45.7 - 50.2cm)  20in + (50.8cm)  
Elite Rib Protector  Torso Length    >18.25in (46.4cm)  18.5 - 19.75in (47.0 - 50.2cm)  20in + (50.8cm)  
Elite Chest Protector  Chest   39 - 43in (99.1 - 109.2cm)   44in + (111.8cm)  
EX-K Arm Protector  Elbow Joint    >12in (30.5cm)  12.25 - 13.75in (31.1 - 34.9cm)  14in + (35.6cm)  
Graph Limb Tube  Elbow/Knee Joint    >12in (30.5cm)  12.25 - 15.75in (31.1 - 40.0cm)  16in + (40.6cm)  
Grid Knee Protectors  Knee Joint    >15in (38.1cm)  15.25 - 17.25in (38.7 - 43.8cm)  17.5in + (44.5cm)  
Alro Vest Men's  Torso Length    >17in (43.2cm)  17.25 - 18.5in (43.8 - 47.0cm)  18.75 - 20in (47.6 - 50.8cm)  20.25in + (51.4cm)
Pro X-V & X-V-S Shirt  Chest  32 - 35in (81.3 - 88.9cm)  36 - 39in (91.4 - 99.1cm)  40 - 43in (101.6 - 109.2cm)  44 - 47in (111.8 - 119.4cm)  48 - 51in (121.9 - 129.5cm)
Pro Pants  Waist  24 - 27in (61.0 - 68.6cm)  28 - 31in (71.1 - 78.7cm)  32 - 35in (81.3 - 88.9cm)  36 - 39in (91.4 - 99.1cm)  40 - 43in (101.6 - 109.2cm)
Action Shorts  Waist  24 - 27in (61.0 - 68.6cm)  28 - 31in (71.1 - 78.7cm)  32 - 35in (81.3 - 88.9cm)  36 - 39in (91.4 - 99.1cm)  40 - 43in (101.6 - 109.2cm)
Contakt Shorts  Waist  24 - 27in (61.0 - 68.6cm)  28 - 31in (71.1 - 78.7cm)  32 - 35in (81.3 - 88.9cm)  36 - 39in (91.4 - 99.1cm)  40 - 43in (101.6 - 109.2cm)
Body ArmorMeasurementX-Small
 Kadet  Torso Length  9.75 - 11.5in (24.8 - 29.2cm)