FMF Gnarly Pipe & Turbinecore 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer Combo

FMF Gnarly Pipe & Turbinecore 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer Combo
FMF Gnarly Pipe & Turbinecore 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer Combo

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Description Item #FMF00FP

Gnarly Pipe:

The FMF Gnarly pipe focuses on increasing the lower RPM horsepower and torque to get you out of the toughest terrain. When looking to add 4-stroke tractor like torque to your 2-stroke and you need a pipe to withstand the harsh elements, this is the pipe for you.

  • All pipes are electro-nickel plated for a non-chip finish that will not discolor.
  • Nickel plating is an FMF trademark and has been 'copied' by everyone, making it the most imitated expansion chamber in the world.
  • Gnarly gives maximum low-end boost.
  • Super-strong 18-gauge steel construction makes it GNARLY!

Note: Pipe may include factory indentations for proper installation clearance.

Turbinecore 2 Silencer:

The best selling Turbinecore 2 uses the exclusive "Turbine Dampening System." This top-notch product has well-earned its U.S. Forest Service legal status. The straight-through design of the spark arrestor canister and the performance flow stainless steel end cap ensures strength, durability and most importantly, track and trail proven unrestricted power. The Turbinecore 2 is the #1 spark arrestor in the world.

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10 Reviews
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Verified Purchaser
Superb on KTM 200exc

Initially I was against purchasing a gnarly due to issues with. The old one on my bike. However, I couldn't beat the price so I took a chance. The fit was second to none and fell right into place. It does exactly what it says, there's a noticeable increase in horsepower when I'm trying to. Tractor. Through the rough stuff. Still trying to pin down the sweet spot in the jetting but very impressed. well worth the asking price. I also found out that the reason for the previous problem pipe ..... the previous owner forced the wrong pipe on the bike, hence the problem with the jetting. .

Verified Purchaser
Spring, TX, USA
Gnarly, just like it says.YZ250

No problem with the install.
I paired this with a 9 oz. flywheel weight on a YZ250.
It was noticeable by itself but with the flywheel weight it makes this bike so much like an old school 500 (with the weight of a bicycle) That this 56 year old hasbeen is railing corners again.
Sound is awesome, like an old school factory bike.
Motosport on the other hand, well...... They rock!
I was having a problem with their website and called admin and they helped fix a problem I was having on MY computer! How Cool is that!?
I have ordered a bunch from them and they never let me down.
Never mind that they send you a bunch of free goodies, (calendars, fridge magnets, etc.).
Your local dealers hate when you buy online but they just need to step up their game, like maybe stock a CLUTCH COVER GASKET for a change!
I'm sold on these guys!

Cheapest fmf in market ,and fast shipping

i order this product on 30/11 and arrived to me today ,after 11 shipping.and the price was very good i can say the cheapest.

Humboldt, CA, USA
Awesome package

great bottom end and mid pull, works well everywhere from track to tight trail highly recommended.

Fairmont, WV 26554, USA

FMF gnarly pipe is the best pipe for any bike!

Northwest Indiana

I bought the fmf gnarly and powercore 2 and love it! The power increase it gave me on my bottom end is insane compared to my stock pipe and silencer for my 1997 kx250. The gnarly is built very strong.. Had 4th pinned through some whoops and went off the side and hit a tree. The dent in the pipe is very minimal considering my pipe took almost all the impact, and still no power loss! I will and have recomend this product to anyone looking for power and a new pipe that looks badass!

New Hampshire
Love it

I bought the FMF GNARLY PIPE & TURBINECORE 2 SPARK ARRESTOR SILENCER COMBO & saved myself a couple of bucks. I was going to buy both parts anyway so it was an added bonus that I could buy it as a combo & save some cash.
works great, sounds great & for a nice price. I love FMF

Cleveland ,oh
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  

Would i have to re-jet my carb if i got this?

Pelham, AL
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  

I have this pipe combo on my 2004 KTM 250 sx and it is amazing! Has a lot more power and never bogs! Great for harescramble racers like me or motocross racers. It has that power to get you up and going! WOULD BUY AGAIN!

Top 500 Contributor
cumming, GA
Durability   Ease of Installation   Performance   Power   Style  
The best

i highly recromend this pipe and silencer combination for anyone doing off road riding or racing. the pipe is very durable and the silencer looks great and all together i could notice the power difference. it added even more bottom end power to my 05 exc 250

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10 Questions
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Q: Do any of the gnarly pipes fit a cr 125?
4 months 22 days ago
I couldnt seem to find an answer to this on the internet.
Expert MotoSport Staff
4 months 21 days ago
A: Sorry, FMF does not offer a Gnarly pipe for the Honda CR125.
Q: What is the difference between the gnarly pipe, gnarly woods, gnarly torque, and gnarly desert?
Over 6 months ago
they all seem to be made out of 18 gauge steel, and provide increased torque on the low to mid range. so why 4 different pipes?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 5 months ago
A: The FMF Gnarly pipes have been developed and tested for the off-roader in mind. With thicker 18g steel construction, it will take the punishment you can throw at it. This pipe will shift and increase the power band so that it comes on sooner, pulls harder through the mid and smoothes out the high RPM surge. This was once called our Torque pipe, but it did not include the thicker steel construction. FMF offers a few different gnarly pipes, depending on the bike, which offer slightly different performance gains. Feel free to give us a call at 888-676-8853 and we would be happy to help you out with your order.
Q: Is this item being sold from within Europe? Will I be charged customs?
Over 6 months ago
From Ireland
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 6 months ago
A: MotoSport is based in the USA.

To better assist you with your international order, please use the international checkout option on our website as we require that ALL international orders be placed via our website. Just add items to your basket and click on the checkout button. BorderFree will calculate and display a guaranteed and lowest possible order total in your preferred currency, including all shipping costs from the U.S. to your selected international destination, as well as any applicable duties and taxes as determined by the destination customs and revenue authorities.
Location: CA
Q: What size rubber collar would go between the two pipes?
1 year 3 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 3 months ago
A: I would contact FMF to find out what size they recommend for your 2001 KTM 300MXC.
(310) 631-4363
Location: Leadville
Q: Does this pipe combo include the rubber connection collar that fits on the joint between the pipe and silencer? Does it include the O-rings?
2 years 4 months ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
2 years 4 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: No. The Combo would just be the Pipe and Silencer. The FMF Springs and O-Rings are sold separately, or you could use replacement OEM O-Rings and Springs. You would need to order and OEM Replacement Sealing Collar between the Pipe and Silencer.

Here is a link to the OEM page for the Exhaust on your 2006 Yamaha YZ250:
Q: Does this combo come with the jet kit? 2009 yz250?
2 years 6 months ago
if not, what do i need to set my carb to?
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years 6 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: This combo would not include the jet kit. I cannot really recommend specific jet sizes for your bike as it would depend on your location (altitude / temperature) and also how your bike is jetted currently. I would recommend looking at the JD Jet Kit as it would come with instructions and recommendations to help you jet your bike correctly.

[ ]
Location: Alton, IL, USA
Q: Will I have to re jet my carb?
2 years 10 months ago
2000 yz250
MotoSport Staff
2 years 10 months ago
A: Yes, generally with aftermarket exhaust systems you will have to re-jet your carburetor.
Location: Africa
Q: Where can I buy a new airbox system for my 1995-1997 Honda CR 125?
2 years 11 months ago
Where can I buy a new airbox system for my 1995-1997 Honda CR 125?
MotoSport Staff
2 years 10 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Unfortunately, the airbox for the 1995-1997 Cr125's is discontinued by Honda. You will need to find a company with one currently in stock on their shelf, or source a used one in good condition.
Q: I want to know if there are any other year model silencers that will fit my 1985 cr500. i already have the fmf pipe for the 85.?
Over 3 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: When you select the ride you are shopping for while checking out the silencers, it will let you know what fits your model and year. Any other years or models outside of this we wouldn't be able to guarantee fitment.
Q: What do you recomend the fatty pipe or the gnar pipe and why?
Over 6 years ago
Over 6 years ago Location: Pelham, AL
A: I would recommend the gnarly pipe combo, I have had a fatty before, it was good, but the gnarly pipe blows it away in my opinion!
2 years 11 months ago Location: Fairmont, WV 26554, USA
A: I personally would go with the gnarly, because its a little thicker metal. Never know when might go down on rough terrain.
2 years 5 months ago Location: Spring, TX, USA
A: Go with the fatty if you want mid and topend pull.
If you want more grunt and a softer hit coming on the pipe get the gnarly.
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