Factory Effex Grip Tape Sheet

Medium Grip Clear
Medium Grip Clear

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Description Item #FXX00G1

Keep a grip on your dirt bike or ATV with help from the Factory Effex Grip Tape Sheet.

  • Factory Effex provides the option of grip levels with High Grip for the frame and clear Medium Grip to lay over graphics and plastic.
  • High Grip is more abrasive and is recommended for lower areas of bike that pants do not contact (frame, frame guards, etc.).
  • Medium Grip is less abrasive and is excellent for upper areas of bike (shrouds, side panels, etc.)
  • Uses a high-tack adhesive and is ideal for protecting graphics and/or frame grip traction.
  • Grip tape sheets measure 12" x 18" and are made from 12 mil. vinyl.

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10 Reviews
3.4 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser

Great product

Verified Purchaser
Greenville, TX, USA
Great Product

Light, gets the job done and when it wears down you just peel it off and put some new on.

Just enough grip....

I'm a woods rider and don't need to much grip so tried this tape, it was just right was a little nervous when others said it wore out fast but I can say after four 3hr rides this stuff still looks new and still has good grip. Worth the money if you need slight grip for quick direction changes.

Verified Purchaser
brookfield, il
Too much grip

it definitely does its job! and doesnt wear out too quickly. the only down side is it wears away too much on the boots and the pants... i destroyed a brand new of pants in two rides!

Top 500 Contributor
Lakeville, MN
Good but expensive

I bought the clear medium grip and custom cut pieces to fit on the air box for my boots to grab onto. It worked great the first ride but wears out fast. By the end of the first day I could tell that it was wearing out and loosing grip. 3 rides now and it hasn't worn through yet but getting close. I would buy it again if it was about half this price. Will try something different next time.

Top 250 Contributor

Was really dissipointed with this produce. The grip surface came off withen two rides and left a sticy glue behind.

Kodiak, AK
Would not reccomend the high grip on your dirtbike

I ordered this sheet of grip tape but could only get the black in high grip, and when I received it and pulled it out it was basically non skid, like something you would use on a walkway for traction. I previously got some of the clear in medium grip and it is great on the bike for the upper radiator shrouds for my legs to grip onto something but I fear that the high grip non skid would just wear my pants out so I am not going to use it. might be great on my ramp to load my bike.

Des Moines,IA
Great Product.

I purchased a sheet of the clear medium. And was impressed from the begining. Because I thought that it would be gritty however it had a rubbery feel which I thought was great. I would recomend this to anyone wanting more grip on their bike. I didn't give it a five because I don't know how long it will last so we'll see......

Top 250 Contributor
Windsor, CA
Works ok

Sticks to plastic well but does not stick well to metal.

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the tape sticks good for sure, but it was a little on the thin side . I wore thru it in two rides. The sheet is large enough to re apply several times, so for the money , it is ok.

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4 Questions
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Q: Can it take heat? if I put it on my clutch cover (rmz250) will it be ok?
Over 11 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 11 months ago
A: You shouldn't have any issues running it on your clutch cover.
Q: Is this a sand paper type grip tape or rubberized?
1 year 3 months ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
1 year 3 months ago
A: Yes this would be a sand paper type of grip tape, like what you would find on a skate board.
3 months 5 days ago
A: Rubberized
Q: Will it stick to tank?
Over 7 years ago
I have a 06 KTM and wanted to add to the bottom part of the tank, (none shroud area). I have tried other none perfirated sticker before and the bubble up after a day or so.
MotoSport Staff
Over 7 years ago Location: Tualatin
A: anything that is applied directly to the tank and non perforated is going to bubble at some point.
Over 6 years ago Location: Kodiak, AK
A: use ammonia or windex with ammonia to clean the surface before applying, its probably coming up from contamination or grease on the plastic
Location: Turner, Or
Q: Is it to keep the rider on the bike?
Over 8 years ago
And, would'nt it look ugly?
MotoSport Staff
Over 8 years ago Location: Portland, OR
A: Yeah, the grip tape just helps the rider have something to grip onto instead of sliding around on the plastic. So it helps out with control for some people. As far as looking ugly... It might not look the best but for some people functionality out weighs the look.
Over 6 years ago Location: Kodiak, AK
A: depends on the background that you are putting it on but I put the clear on my white plastics and you hardly even notice and cleans off better then I thought
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