DEI Reflect-A-GOLD

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DEI Reflect-A-GOLD
DEI Reflect-A-GOLD
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Reflect-A-GOLD is a metalized polyamide polymer laminated glass cloth with a high-temperature, pressure-sensitive adhesive for use in extreme temperature swing environments. It is lightweight and easy to apply and remove.

Highly effective material for firewalls, fuel cells, engine covers, under hoods, engine compartments, bulkheads, seat bottoms - anything or anywhere that needs protection from heat.

  • For firewalls, bulkheads, engine covers, floors, seat bottoms and more.
  • Capable of handling continual temperatures up to 850°F.
  • Resists UV degradation for long-term performance.
  • Virtually no clearance needed.
  • Adhesive protected by a release liner rated up to 325°F.
  • Lightweight and flexible - trim to size.
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Overall 5 out of 5 stars
Verified Purchaser
Location: SoCal
Awesome product

I've used a few DEI products and for an M/C tank shield this film is BADA*S without a doubt! Easy to apply, not thick and bulky like other similar firewall shielding. Great buy for those oversized tanks that hug the cylinder so tightly.

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RCH32 Over 9 months ago
Can I use this product to wrap my radiator hoses to prevent excessive temperatures to my coolant?
3 months 4 days ago Location: SoCal
I would recommend there radiator hose wrap made specifically for that purpose. The gold mylar is really intended to deflect heat one direction and would be the opposite design of your intended purpose.
RP591 Over 9 months ago Location: Lethbridge, AB, Canada
Would this product work well for wrapping my fuel tank to deflect engine heat and sunlight deflection so my fuel stays cool?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 9 months ago
Yes it would work great for wrapping your tank.
3 months 4 days ago Location: SoCal
Absolutely is intended to wrap the underside of a gas tank in order to avoid preheating your fuel. I think it best used on the underside though as exposure to the elements like dirt, mud etc. will likely damage the material if used on the exterior and deteriorate it's functionality.
RiderGuy99 Over 10 months ago
Does this come as a roll or a sheet?
Would this also work as a heat barrier under the gas tank?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 10 months ago
This would be the 12"x12" or 12"x24" sheet. Yes the DEI Reflect-A-GOLD would work great as a heat barrier on the under side of your tank.
Happy Over 10 months ago Location: India
Can it be used as a exhaust wrap ?
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 10 months ago
You would not want to use DEI Reflect-A-GOLD on an exhaust. It will see extreme levels of heat and fail on the first drive/ride. You would need a true exhaust wrap for that.
Over 6 months ago Location: Agoura, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, USA
not to wrap exhaust pipe, that would be the source of heat. Use it to protect things from the exhaust heat.
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