Bell Transitions SOLFX Photochromic ClickRelease Shield

Bell  Transitions SOLFX Photochromic ClickRelease Shield
Bell Transitions SOLFX Photochromic ClickRelease Shield


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Description Item #BEL002P

Bell and photochromic pioneers Transitions Optical have come together to create the Transitions SOLFX shield which automatically adapts to light conditions, darkening when exposed to sunlight and clearing in low light. It eliminates the need to change between tinted and clear shields when riding in the light of day, the darkness of night and anything in between.

  • Transitions SOLFX shield fits Bell Star (2015 models and earlier), Vortex, RS-1 and Revolver helmets.
  • Shield tint automatically adjusts to lighting conditions.
  • Darkens from fully clear to dark tint in about 10 seconds in bright sunlight.
  • Bell NutraFog II anti-fog coating reduces fogging.
  • Anti-scratch and UV-protected coatings block 99 percent of UV rays.

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11 Reviews
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Dallas, TX, USA
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Needs to get darker.

Pro's:Fits like a champ, easy install, (like most Bell visors) UV blocking, and optically pretty nice.

Cons: Pricey, doesn't get dark enough. I mean r-e-a-l-l-y not dark enough. Texas sun and concrete is bright.

Bottom line.., beats the alternative of constantly swapping sheilds at 30-40 bucks a piece.

Verified Purchaser
Hickory, NC, USA
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Bell Transitions Shield

I bought this shield after doing a good deal of research online, and if you do the same, most reviews and videos you'll find, describe the shield pretty acurately. The shield is easy to install and remove just like all other Bell shields. However, once it's on, you'll probably never change a shield again, because it's practically like having 3 shields in one. The tint changes from clear to relatively dark in about 30 seconds. Takes a little longer to go back to clear. While you're looking through the shield, you don't notice it changing, as the transition in tint is so gradual. Lift up the shield, slightly, however, and you can definitly tell.
I have used this shield in heavy sunlight, and it's more than enough to protect my eyes from the sun. However, in direct sunlight, when the sun is low and in your eyes, it's not quite dark enough for me. However, my eyes are slightly more sensitive to light than the average person so your experience may be different.
I have only two gripes about this product. One, although it does get dark, it would be nice if it got a just couple shades darker, for the above mentioned reason. Two, the transition from clear to dark and back to clear could be faster, but I guess this is simply due to the limits of the current technology. This is only agravating when riding through, shaded and unshaded areas, like trees on the side of the roads, overpasses, or tunnels, for example. Otherwise this is a really good product. Great addition to my Bell RS-1.

Verified Purchaser
Michigan, USA
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Great Shield

This shield darkens down just like my transitions glasses . it also gets all clear in dark. wish i would found this before i bought my dark shield. little pricey but compared to what i paid for my glasses its a great deal.

Verified Purchaser
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The future is now! Shield darkens and lightens according to heat and light sensitivity. Real cool technology that is incorporated into the joy of riding. Works out great for all day rides.

Verified Purchaser
Lancaster, PA
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Verified Purchaser
twinsburg, oh
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Great buy

the only gripe i have with the shield is that i wish it tinted a little bit darker, still have to wear sunglasses. other than that bell did a great job designing the helmets shield release. super simple super easy to install.

Verified Purchaser
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Best ever

Only shield I will ever need

Fredonia, WI
BELL Transitions shield

I've been running this shield on the new BELL Revolver helmet the last couple months and both have been problem free. The shield only takes a few seconds to fully darken when exposed to the sunlight. Hope other companies follow suit and offer similar shields, maybe price will come down some. Worth every $ and nice not having to worry about carrying spare shield for night riding. Two big thumbs up to BELL for this product. Runner up in MOTORCYCLIST mag. for best new product 2011, nuff said!

Abilene, TX

I love this lens! Currently using it on my Bell Vortex Solid and have no fogging issues what so ever.Tints as it is introduced to direct sun light.THIS IS WELL WORTH THE PRICE!

Cumming GA
Great product

This works geat, wish it fit other helmets

Top 1000 Contributor
johnstown, pa
What took so long?

why this wasnt introduced earlier ill never know....all helmet manufacturers should offer this visor.

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2 Questions
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Location: Napier, New Zealand
Q: Will it fit a m4r carbon bell helmet?
1 year 9 months ago
Top 1 Contributor
1 year 9 months ago
A: Bell Transitions SOLFX Photochromic ClickRelease Shield is listed for the following model of helmets: Bell Star, Vortex, RS-1 and Revolver helmets.
Location: NC
Q: Does the Bell transitions shield fit the Qualifier helmet?
2 years 3 months ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years 3 months ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Yes, This shield would also work with the Bell Qualifier Helmet. According to Bell it will work with all Bell ClickRelease helmets, which would include the Qualifier Helmet.
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