Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set With Renthal Twinwall Handlebar Combo

Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set With Renthal Twinwall Handlebar Combo
Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set With Renthal Twinwall Handlebar Combo

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Description Item #APP0018

The Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set With Renthal Twinwall Handlebar Combo includes one each of the following:

Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set With Oversized Bar Mounts:

The new RS line is unlike any on the market today. The rubber / solid design is the best of both worlds.

  • Superior system to the previous conical-shaped bushings.
  • Proprietary urethane elastomer bushings provide excellent vibration damping characteristics; this strong and abrasion-resistant formula withstands over 2200 PSI.
  • The elastomer bushings are contained in machined pockets on the top clamp, then precision machined.
  • Stainless steel collars are inserted into the elastomer bushings providing a mechanical restraint while still isolating the bar mounts from vibration.
  • The bar mount is then secured with a strong grade 10.9 bolt.
  • The proper torque secures the bar mount and pre-loads the elastomer bushings; pre-load ensures the bushings completely fill the pockets and isolate the bar mounts.
  • Also included in the kit is a set of 6061 aluminum bushings; these precision-machined solid bushings fit into the pockets in place of the elastomer bushings and create a solid mount system.
  • For oversized bars.
  • Feature offset mounting holes for adjusting handlebar location.
  • Top it off with the included one-piece bar clamp to tie both mounts together and you have a twist-free rubber or solid system.
  • Includes R/S top triple clamp, R/S bottom triple clamp, elastomer and solid bushings, bar mounts, one-piece bar clamp, and hardware.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Note: Includes Oversized 1-1/8" Bar Mounts.

Renthal Twinwall Handlebars - Oversized 1-1/8":

  • Renthal Twin Wall Handlebars benefit from immense strength, resilience and are virtually guaranteed against fatigue failure due to their design.
  • Renthal Twin Wall Handlebars are essentially two bars in one and Renthal's over-engineering means they could be the last set of bars you buy for your bike.
  • Unlikely to bend except in severe crashes.
  • Specifically designed for MX and Supercross.
  • 1-1/8" (28.6 mm) diameter, double-walled aluminum alloy handlebar.

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2 Questions
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Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Q: What is the closest ben to the stock bars on a 15 kx 450?
1 year ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 12 months ago
A: Unfortunately we do not have the stock handlebar specs for every bike. The handlebar number will usually be stamped into the bar. I would recommend the Windham bend.
Q: The "mm" choice?
1 year 7 months ago
When it's asking for the "mm" choice what is that referring too ?
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 7 months ago
A: This would be for the triple clamp offset.
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611 - XR100 / TTR125 29.13in (740mm) 5.94in (151mm) 4.65in (118mm) 4.72in (120mm) 2.64in (67mm) 7.48in (190mm)
615 - TRX250R 30.39in (772mm) 7.05in (179mm) 4.33in (110mm) 4.53in (115mm) 3.5in (89mm) 8.07in (205mm)
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722 - CR High 31.5in (800mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.64in (67mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.48in (63mm) 7.68in (195mm)
757 - Mini High 31.57in (802mm) 5.2in (132mm) 4.69in (119mm) 3.54in (90mm) 2.4in (61mm) 6.97in (177mm)
759 - RM125/250 96-01  31.69in (805mm) 2.83in (72mm) 1.97in (50mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.56in (65mm) 8.15in (207mm)
764 - Jimmy Button 32.05in (814mm) 4.37in (111mm) 3.19in (81mm) 4.72in (120mm) 2.68in (68mm) 7.99in (203mm)
773 - CR Mid 31.54in (801mm) 3.46in (88mm) 1.97in (50mm) 5.12in (130mm) 2.24in (57mm) 8.31in (211mm)
780 - KX80/85/100 98-12 29.02in (737mm) 3.98in (101mm) 3.35in (85mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.64in (67mm) 6.81in (173mm)
781 - ATV Race 31.97in (812mm) 5.87in (149mm) 3.78in (96mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.99in (76mm) 9.02in (229mm)
783 - Mini Race R (65 cc) 29.06in (738mm) 4.61in (117mm) 3.43in (87mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.09in (53mm) 6.81in (173mm)
784 - RC Mini / Alessi 29.21in (742mm) 4.69in (119mm) 3.39in (86mm) 3.74in (95mm) 1.61in (41mm) 6.89in (175mm)
787 - 400EX 31.3in (795mm) 5.63in (143mm) 4.21in (107mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.62in (92mm) 8.66in (220mm)
790 - CR Low/RM125/250 05 31.61in (803mm) 3.23in (82mm) 2.09in (53mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.24in (57mm) 7.95in (202mm)
791 - RM85 02-09 28.94in (735mm) 3.62in (92mm) 2.91in (74mm) 3.94in (100mm) 2.64in (67mm) 7.52in (191mm)
794 - YFZ450 ATV 04-05 30.43in (773mm) 4.29in (109mm) 3.62in (92mm) 4.13in (105mm) 3.78in (96mm) 8.82in (224mm)
797 - 50cc Play Bike 28.15in (715mm) 7.72in (196mm) 7.48in (190mm) 2.36in (60mm) 1.65in (42mm) 6.22in (158mm)
798 - KTM 85SX 30.51in (775mm) 3.62in (92mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.53in (115mm) 1.93in (49mm) 7.72in (196mm)
799 - CRF150F/230F 30.51in (775mm) 4.53in (115mm) 3.35in (85mm) 5.31in (135mm) 1.69in (43mm) 6.81in (173mm)
810 - YFZ450 ATV 06 30.71in (780mm) 4.17in (106mm) 2.72in (69mm) 4.13in (105mm) 3.46in (88mm) 8.78in (223mm)
811 - Raptor 700 31.1in (790mm) 5.59in (142mm) 4.41in (112mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.54in (90mm) 8.27in (210mm)
815 - LTR450 31.65in (804mm) 3.54in (90mm) 3.07in (78mm) 3.94in (100mm) 3.15in (80mm) 9.33in (237mm)
816 - CRF150R Adult Bar 30.83in (783mm) 5.39in (137mm) 3.98in (101mm) 4.92in (125mm) 1.73in (44mm) 7.01in (178mm)
821 - Short/McGrath 32.01in (813mm) 3.07in (78mm) 1.65in (42mm) 5.91in (150mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
823 - KTM 65SX 12-13 29.29in (744mm) 3.15in (80mm) 2.83in (72mm) 4.33in (110mm) 1.97in (50mm) 7.09in (180mm)
966 - McGrath 31.77in (807mm) 3.46in (88mm) 2.4in (61mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.36in (60mm) 7.99in (203mm)
966 - YZ / Henry 31.77in (807mm) 3.46in (88mm) 2.4in (61mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.36in (60mm) 7.99in (203mm)
971 - Carmichael 31.57in (802mm) 3.82in (97mm) 2.44in (62mm) 5.31in (135mm) 2.09in (53mm) 7.91in (201mm)
983 - Bradshaw 31.81in (808mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.28in (58mm) 5.51in (140mm) 2.17in (55mm) 8.11in (206mm)
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
918 - CR High 31.54in (801mm) 3.9in (99mm) 2.64in (67mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.56in (65mm) 7.56in (192mm)
921 - 06 YZF 32.13in (816mm) 3.35in (85mm) 1.69in (43mm) 3.74in (95mm) 1.61in (41mm) 7.05in (179mm)
922 - Carmichael High 31.97in (812mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.39in (86mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.28in (58mm) 7.36in (187mm)
994 - Factory KTM 31.89in (810mm) 3.9in (99mm) 2.76in (70mm) 4.33in (110mm) 1.57in (40mm) 7.68in (195mm)
996 - Stewart 31.93in (811mm) 3.66in (93mm) 2.09in (53mm) 4.33in (110mm) 1.93in (49mm) 7.87in (200mm)
997 - Carmichael 31.65in (804mm) 4.13in (105mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.33in (110mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
998 - Windham 31.61in (803mm) 3.86in (98mm) 2.72in (69mm) 4.33in (110mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.48in (190mm)
999 - McGrath 32.01in (813mm) 3.11in (79mm) 1.65in (42mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
602 - YZ/YZF 07+ 31.54in (801mm) 3.5in (89mm) 2.32in (59mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.6in (193mm)
603 - McGrath 31.5in (800mm) 3.86in (98mm) 2.91in (74mm) 3.94in (100mm) 2.17in (55mm) 7.36in (187mm)
604 - Carmichael 31.65in (804mm) 4.09in (104mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.13in (105mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.4in (188mm)
605 - CR High 31.69in (805mm) 3.82in (97mm) 2.52in (64mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.56in (65mm) 7.87in (200mm)
609 - RC High 31.57in (802mm) 4.72in (120mm) 3.31in (84mm) 4.13in (105mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.48in (190mm)
671 - RC Mini 29.69in (754mm) 4.41in (112mm) 3.03in (77mm) 3.35in (85mm) 2.05in (52mm) 6.97in (177mm)
672 - CR / MX Low 31.73in (806mm) 3.35in (85mm) 2.01in (51mm) 4.92in (125mm) 2.2in (56mm) 7.48in (190mm)
745 - Enduro 30.75in (781mm) 4.02in (102mm) 2.68in (68mm) 4.53in (115mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.44in (189mm)
821 - Short/McGrath 32.01in (813mm) 3.07in (78mm) 1.65in (42mm) 5.91in (150mm) 2.13in (54mm) 7.87in (200mm)
822 - KTM Low 31.81in (808mm) 3.27in (83mm) 2.09in (53mm) 5.51in (140mm) 1.61in (41mm) 7.87in (200mm)
826 - KTM High 31.69in (805mm) 3.74in (95mm) 2.68in (68mm) 5.12in (130mm) 1.65in (42mm) 7.09in (180mm)
827 - KTM SX 125-450 13 31.93in (811mm) 3.62in (92mm) 2.05in (52mm) 4.61in (117mm) 2.05in (52mm) 8.74in (222mm)
828 - Street Low 30.16in (766mm) 3.15in (80mm) 1.97in (50mm) 4.8in (122mm) 1.97in (50mm) 7.48in (190mm)
Street 7/8"
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
754 - Low 28.98in (736mm) 4.29in (109mm) 2.48in (63mm) 4.13in (105mm) 4.69in (119mm) 9.53in (242mm)
755 - Medium 28.86in (733mm) 4.65in (118mm) 3.07in (78mm) 4.13in (105mm) 4.09in (104mm) 8.78in (223mm)
756 - High 28.19in (716mm) 4.76in (121mm) 3.78in (96mm) 4.13in (105mm) 3.98in (101mm) 7.87in (200mm)
758 - Ultra Low 28.86in (733mm) 2.91in (74mm) 1.65in (42mm) 4.33in (110mm) 3.7in (94mm) 9.13in (232mm)
789 - Street Fighter 29.88in (759mm) 3.98in (101mm) 2.28in (58mm) 4.53in (115mm) 3.11in (79mm) 7.64in (194mm)

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