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Applied Works Top Clamp With Renthal Twinwall Handlebar Combo

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Applied Works Top Clamp With Renthal Twinwall Handlebar Combo
Applied Works Top Clamp With Renthal Twinwall Handlebar Combo
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Applied Works Clamp:

  • Clamp kits come complete with 1-1/8" oversized bar mounts, clamp and pad.
  • Works Clamps are machined bare aluminum, and have a sleek new look. (Note: they are no longer anodized gunmetal as shown).
  • Pinch bolts are positioned on the side of clamps.

Renthal Twin Wall Bars:

  • Requires oversized mounts.
  • 1-1/8" (28.6 mm) diameter, double-walled aluminum alloy handlebar.
  • Immense strength, very good resilience and a virtual guarantee against fatigue failure.
  • Unlikely to bend except in severe crashes.
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velaride 1 year 5 months ago Location: Texas
Is the clamp rubber mounted?
MotoSport Staff Expert Top 1 Contributor
1 year 4 months ago
No, for your 2003 YZ250 they will be solid mounts.
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ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
607 - Raptor 660 30.9in (78.5cm) 5.5in (14.0cm) 4.1in (10.5cm) 3.1in (8.0cm) 3.9in (10.0cm) 9.5in (24.1cm)
611 - XR100 / TTR125 30.2in (76.7cm) 6.1in (15.4cm) 4.4in (11.2cm) 4.7in (12.0cm) 2.8in (7.0cm) 7.5in (19.0cm)
615 - TRX250R  30.3in (77cm)  6.3in (16cm) 4.7in (12cm)   4.5in (11.5cm)  3.9in (9.8cm)  8.1in (20.5cm)
636 - Banshee 30.5in (77.5cm) 5.9in (15.0cm) 4.7in (12.0cm) 4.3in (11.0cm) 3.9in (10.0cm) 7.9in (20.0cm)
 666 - Desert/Vintage  33.1in (84cm)  4.6in (11.8cm)  3.3in (8.5cm) 5.5in (14cm)   3.1in (7.8cm)  7.8in (19.7cm)
 677 - Quadracer  30.3in (77cm)  4.7in (12cm)  4.5in (11.5cm)  4.7in (12cm)  3.6in (9.2cm)  7.5in (19cm)
717 - CR80 29.1in (74.0cm) 3.8in (9.6cm) 3.3in (8.5cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 2.7in (6.8cm) 6.9in (17.5cm)
722 - CR High 31.3in (79.5cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 2.8in (7.0cm) 4.9in (12.5cm) 2.4in (6.2cm) 7.7in (19.5cm)
757 - Mini High 31.4in (79.7cm) 5.2in (13.2cm) 4.4in (11.2cm) 3.5in (9.0cm) 2.5in (6.3cm) 7.0in (17.7cm)
759 - RM125/250 96-01   31.5in (80cm) 2.8in (7.1cm)   2.0in (5cm)  5.3in (13.5cm)  2.6in (6.5cm)  8.1in (20.7cm)
764 - Jimmy Button 31.8in (80.7cm) 4.3in (11.0cm) 3.3in (8.5cm) 4.7in (12.0cm) 2.6in (6.7cm) 8.0in (20.3cm)
773 - CR Mid  31.3in (79.6cm)  3.5in (8.9cm)  1.9in (4.9cm)  5.1in (13cm)  2.3in (5.8cm)  8.3in (21.1cm)
780 - KX80/85/100 98-12  28.8in (73.2cm)  3.9in (10cm)  3.3in (8.5cm)  3.7in (9.5cm)  2.5in (6.3cm)  6.8in (17.3cm)
781 - ATV Race 31.7in (80.6cm) 5.9in (15.0cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 4.9in (12.5cm) 3.0in (7.5cm) 9.0in (22.9cm)
783 - Mini Race R (65 cc) 29.1in (74.0cm) 4.5in (11.5cm) 3.3in (8.3cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 2.1in (5.3cm) 6.8in (17.3cm)
784 - RC Mini / Alessi 29.1in (74.0cm) 4.6in (11.8cm) 3.3in (8.3cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 1.7in (4.2cm) 6.9in (17.5cm)
787 - 400EX 31.1in (79.0cm) 5.6in (14.2cm) 4.1in (10.5cm) 4.7in (12.0cm) 3.5in (9.0cm) 8.7in (22.0cm)
790 - CR Low/RM125/250 05  31.3in (79.6cm)  3.1in (8cm)  2.2in (5.5cm)  5.3in (13.5cm)  2.2in (5.7cm)  8.0in (20.2cm)
791 - RM85 02-09  28.9in (73.5cm)  3.5in (9cm)  2.8in (7cm)  3.9in (10cm)  2.7in (6.9cm)  7.5in (19.1cm)
794 - YFZ450 ATV 04-05 30.4in (77.3cm) 4.3in (11.0cm) 3.4in (8.7cm) 4.1in (10.5cm) 3.8in (9.7cm) 8.8in (22.4cm)
797 - 50cc Play Bike  29.3in (74.5cm)  7.3in (18.5cm) 6.7in (17cm)   2.4in (6cm)  1.6in (4cm)  6.2in (15.8cm)
798 - KTM 85SX  30.6in (77.6cm)  3.6in (9.2cm)  2.5in (6.4cm)  4.5in (11.5cm)  2.0in (5cm)  7.7in (19.6cm)
799 - CRF150F/230F  30.5in (77.5cm) 4.5in (11.5cm)   3.2in (8.1cm)  5.3in (13.5cm)  1.7in (4.4cm)  6.8in (17.3cm)
810 - YFZ450 ATV 06 30.7in (78.0cm) 4.2in (10.6cm) 2.7in (6.9cm) 4.1in (10.5cm) 3.5in (8.8cm) 8.8in (22.3cm)
811 - Raptor 700 31.1in (79.0cm) 5.6in (14.1cm) 4.4in (11.2cm) 4.7in (12.0cm) 3.5in (9.0cm) 8.3in (21.0cm)
815 - LTR450 31.7in (80.4cm) 3.5in (8.9cm) 3.1in (7.9cm) 3.9in (10.0cm) 3.2in (8.2cm) 9.3in (23.7cm)
816 - CRF150R Adult Bar  30.7in (78cm)  5.4in (13.8cm)  3.9in (10cm)  4.9in (12.5cm)  1.7in (4.2cm)  7.0in (17.8cm)
821 - Short/McGrath  29.3in (74.4cm)  3.1in (8cm)  2.8in (7.2cm)  4.3in (11cm)  1.9in (4.9cm)  7.1in (18cm)
823 - KTM 65SX 12-13  26.3in (66.8cm)  3.3in (8.4cm) 2.6in (6.5cm)   3.5in (9cm)  1.9in (4.8cm)  6.5in (16.5cm)
966 - McGrath 31.6in (80.3cm) 3.6in (9.2cm) 2.2in (5.6cm) 5.3in (13.5cm) 2.2in (5.7cm) 8.0in (20.3cm)
966 - YZ / Henry 31.6in (80.3cm) 3.6in (9.2cm) 2.2in (5.6cm) 5.3in (13.5cm) 2.2in (5.7cm) 8.0in (20.3cm)
971 - Carmichael 31.6in (80.2cm) 3.9in (9.9cm) 2.6in (6.5cm) 5.3in (13.5cm) 2.1in (5.4cm) 7.9in (20.1cm)
983 - Bradshaw 31.7in (80.5cm) 3.7in (9.3cm) 2.0in (5.0cm) 5.5in (14.0cm) 2.2in (5.5cm) 8.1in (20.6cm)
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
918 - CR High 31.3in (79.5cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 2.8in (7.0cm) 4.5in (11.5cm) 2.4in (6.2cm) 7.6in (19.2cm)
921 - 06 YZF 31.9in (81.1cm) 3.3in (8.5cm) 1.9in (4.7cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 1.4in (3.6cm) 7.0in (17.9cm)
922 - Carmichael High 31.6in (80.2cm) 4.7in (11.9cm) 3.1in (8.0cm) 4.5in (11.5cm) 2.1in (5.4cm) 7.4in (18.7cm)
994 - Factory KTM 31.8in (80.8cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 2.8in (7.0cm) 4.3in (11.0cm) 1.5in (3.8cm) 7.7in (19.5cm)
996 - Stewart 31.7in (80.5cm) 3.7in (9.3cm) 2.0in (5.0cm) 4.3in (11.0cm) 2.2in (5.5cm) 7.9in (20.0cm)
997 - Carmichael 31.6in (80.2cm) 3.9in (9.9cm) 2.6in (6.5cm) 4.3in (11.0cm) 2.1in (5.4cm) 7.9in (20.0cm)
998 - Windham 31.6in (80.3cm) 3.6in (9.2cm) 2.2in (5.6cm) 4.3in (11.0cm) 2.2in (5.7cm) 7.5in (19.0cm)
999 - McGrath 31.7in (80.5cm) 3.3in (8.3cm) 1.6in (4.0cm) 4.9in (12.5cm) 2.2in (5.5cm) 7.9in (20.0cm)
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
602 - YZ/YZF 07+  31.3in (79.5cm)  3.5in (9cm) 2.6in (6.5cm)   4.9in (12.5cm)  2.4in (6.2cm)  7.6in (19.3cm)
603 - McGrath 31.6in (80.3cm) 3.6in (9.2cm) 2.2in (5.6cm) 3.9in (10.0cm) 2.2in (5.7cm) 7.4in (18.7cm)
604 - Carmichael 31.6in (80.2cm) 3.9in (9.9cm) 2.6in (6.5cm) 4.1in (10.5cm) 2.1in (5.4cm) 7.4in (18.8cm)
605 - CR High 31.3in (79.5cm) 3.7in (9.5cm) 2.8in (7.0cm) 4.5in (11.5cm) 2.4in (6.2cm) 7.9in (20.0cm)
609 - RC High 31.6in (80.2cm) 4.7in (11.9cm) 3.1in (8.0cm) 4.1in (10.5cm) 2.1in (5.4cm) 7.5in (19.0cm)
671 - RC Mini 29.1in (74.0cm) 4.6in (11.8cm) 3.3in (8.3cm) 3.3in (8.5cm) 1.7in (4.2cm) 7.0in (17.7cm)
672 - CR / MX Low 31.3in (79.6cm) 3.1in (8.0cm) 2.2in (5.5cm) 4.9in (12.5cm) 2.2in (5.7cm) 7.5in (19.0cm)
745 - Enduro 30.7in (78.0cm) 3.9in (9.9cm) 2.6in (6.5cm) 4.5in (11.5cm) 2.1in (5.4cm) 7.4in (18.9cm)
821 - Short/McGrath  31.7in (80.5cm)  3.3in (8.3cm)  1.6in (4cm)  5.9in (15cm)  2.2in (5.5cm)  7.9in (20cm)
822 - KTM Low  31.7in (80.6cm)  3.3in (8.4cm)  2.0in (5.2cm)  5.5in (14cm)  1.6in (4.1cm)  7.9in (20cm)
826 - KTM High  31.7in (80.5cm)  3.7in (9.5cm)  2.7in (6.8cm)  5.1in (13cm)  1.7in (4.2cm)  7.1in (18cm)
827 - KTM SX 125-450 13  31.9in (81.1cm)  3.6in (9.2cm)  2.0in (5.2cm)  4.6in (11.7cm)  2.0in (5.2cm)  8.7in (22.2cm)
828 - Street Low  30.1in (76.5cm)  3.1in (8cm)  2.0in (5cm)  4.8in (12.2cm)  2.0in (5.1cm)  7.5in (19cm)
Street 7/8"
ModelWidthHeightRiseClamp Area WidthSweepControl Length
754 - Low  28.7in (73cm)  4.1in (10.5cm)  3.0in (7.5cm)  4.1in (10.5cm)  4.9in (12.5cm)  9.5in (24.2cm)
755 - Medium  28.5in (72.5cm)  4.5in (11.5cm)  3.3in (8.5cm)  4.1in (10.5cm)  4.1in (10.5cm)  8.8in (22.3cm)
756 - High 28.0in (71cm)  4.7in (12cm)  4.1in (10.5cm)  4.1in (10.5cm)  4.1in (10.5cm)  7.9in (20cm)
758 - Ultra Low  28.5in (72.5cm)  3.0in (7.5cm)  2.0in (5cm)  4.3in (11cm)  3.7in (9.5cm)  9.1in (23.2cm)
789 - Street Fighter  29.7in (75.5cm)  3.9in (10cm)  2.4in (6cm)  4.5in (11.5cm) 3.1in (8cm)   7.6in (19.4cm)