Allsport Dynamics 144 Ortho-II Ankle Support

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The Allsport Ankle® 144 Ortho II carries on the same proven design and quality of the original Ortho with the addition of Circumferential Straps of Velcro® brand Velstretch® elastic strapping. The 144 is constructed with the SPS Split Pad System and 100% cotton inelastic lateral and subtalar straps with Velcro® brand hook-and-loop closures.

  • Application: Ankle - Acute, Rehab, Long-Term, Prevention.
  • Sizes: Universal.
  • Circumferential straps of Velcro® brand Velstretch® elastic strapping.
  • Fully adjustable inelastic lateral strap.
  • Subtalar (rear of foot) inelastic strap for mid-foot control.
  • Foam upper horseshoe pads.
  • Viscoelastic polymer-gel lower pads are removable for hot and cold therapy.

Shell Details: The Allsport Ankle, featuring the patented anatomic contouring of the nylon shells, simulates the anatomy of the human ankle allowing for a wider range of application and a more comfortable fit. The design provides exceptional support for lateral and medial instability (inversion, eversion) yet allowing increased dorsiflextion and plantarflexion.

  • Patented anatomic design (US patent No. 4, 966, 134).
  • Injection-molded nylon for consistent quality and uniformity.
  • Molded-in stress risers provide added strength.
  • Beveled adjusting slots allow for ease of adjustment.

SPS-Split Pads: The Exclusive SPS-Split Pad System gives the Allsport Ankle a low profile design that provides a near custom fit that when worn over an absorbent sock, fits easily into shoes and most boots. The removable viscoelastic polymer-gel pads surround the ankle for maximum comfort, and can also be utilized for hot and cold therapy.

  • Foam horseshoe upper pads.
  • Viscoelastic polymer-gel lower pads.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Reduces bulk and weight.
  • Eliminates pressure points.
  • Won't bottom out.
  • Won't leak or flow.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Latex free.
  • Hot and cold therapy.

Note: Sold individually by orientation, Left or Right.

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