Dynojet Power Commander 5 EX

Dynojet Power Commander 5 EX
Dynojet Power Commander 5 EX

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Description Item #DNO000S

Please double check your selection prior to placing your order, as this item is NOT eligible for return. Please see our full list of return restrictions.

Get all the horsepower and torque out of your bike as possible by having easy-to-read, precise data on numerous performance variables. The Power Commander 5 allows you to make precise tuning adjustment based on real time data and this EX version complies to strict California ARB regulations.

  • Dynojet Power Commanders are one of the most efficient ways to get more power and performance out of your motorcycle with a reasonable price.
  • The Dynojet Power Commander 5 is less than half the size of the older Power Commander 3 making it easier to install and find a place for it.
  • The Dynojet Power Commander 5 is powered straight by the USB computer connection, no longer requiring a 9-volt adapter to program it to your motorcycle.
  • A two-position map switching function is built-in for maximum flexibility in tuning, however the map switch is NOT included.
  • Dynojet added a gear / speed input function on the Power Commander 5 allowing for map adjustments based upon gear and speed for maximum performance.
  • An analog input allows users to install any 0 - 5 volt sensor and build an adjustable table based on its input such as boost or temperature, making the Dynojet Power Commander far superior to anything else available.
  • With each gear position input connected, the Dynojet Power Commander 5 is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear so that on a 4-cylinder motorcycle with a 6-speed transmission there could be 24 possible fuel tables allowing for maximum fuel to air mixture range.
  • For 8 injector motorcycles, the Dynojet Power Commander 5 has an increased capacity for adjustments going from -100/+100% up to -100/+250% for maximum fuel range.
  • The Dynojet Power Commander 5 has an enhanced 'accel pump utility' which increases the sensitivity range for maximum performance.
  • Notes: The Power Commander EX is a street approved fuel injection module (CARB E.O. No. D-619). Power Commander EX does not allow you to adjust certain software settings. These settings vary per bike model.

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